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Welcome back to another week of lady reads! This week, we’ve got the best movie review ever written, a sick burn on Donald Trump, cool animals, and lots of other interesting posts.

Stats prove that abortion is already super safe, so Texas needs to cut it out with the regulations that pretend to be about “safety,” but are just excuses to close clinics. Not a single woman died from an abortion in 2013, but 153 died in childbirth or due to pregnancy complications. Statistically it’s more likely for a woman to die in a traffic accident on the way to visit a clinic if she has to drive 800 miles to get an abortion (it’s a big state and some people have to make multiple round-trips, so that’s sadly not unrealistic).

In the wake of Donald Trump’s recent racist remarks about Mexicans, a Chicago-area brewery has decided to stop making a special beer for one of his bars and they renamed the stock they have left over “Chinga tu Pelo” (Fuck your Hair). Amazing.

The Western Washington chapter of the Girl Scouts returned a $100,000 donation to a group that wanted to prohibit them from using the funds to help trans girls. And then through crowdfunding, they raised way more money and will be able to help even more girls!

California made it much harder to opt out of vaccinating kids! Now if we could just get morons like Jim Carrey to stop talking out their asses…

Gif from Ace Ventura of Jim Carrey pretending to talk with his ass
Admittedly, he does have a documented history of talking out his ass. (Via Giphy)

Also, it’s completely ridiculous to compare vaccines to Agent Orange and thalidomide.

Madeleine Albright’s advice to women on learning to interrupt people so you can be heard.

Remember when we were all excited that Facebook started letting users add a custom gender? The trans woman who got them them to do that when she worked there just got kicked off the site for not using her “real” name, even though her chosen name was on her damn employee nametag.

Pop Culture

Roxane Gay’s review of Magic Mike XXL is maybe the best thing I’ve ever read. 

Vogue is really confused about how bisexuality works, in pretty offensive ways.

What the hell is even the point of making Top Gun 2 if there are drones replacing the pilots? Can drones play shirtless beach volleyball? I didn’t think so. Hmph.

Sonia Manzano is retiring from Sesame Street after playing Maria for 44 years. Awwww.


More lady scientists, coming soon to a LEGO playset near you!

The plausibility of actually developing the technology from Star Trek.

Eat whatever you want, but stop pretending the paleo diet has any basis in evolution, because it doesn’t.

Gelada monkeys might be domesticating wolves. (Sorta. But it’s still cool that they coexist peacefully!)

Adolescent great white sharks! (Don’t worry, they’re too little to be bitey. No paddleboarders were harmed in the making of this video.)


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