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What do butts, sea turtles, and disconcerting wedding dress names have in common? You’ll find them all in this week’s lady reads!

Serious Business

On rape culture in the aftermath of learning that Bill Cosby admitted to raping women all the way back in 2005. Also, this sums it up about as well as anyone has:

The U.S. women’s team may have won the FIFA World Cup, but they only got paid a quarter of what they pay men’s teams who get eliminated in round one. Bullshit. At least they got a ticker tape parade.

Paula Deen’s brownface picture was maybe even more racist because Desi Arnaz was white, so his and Lucy’s son was also white. Apparently she and her family didn’t get the memo that it’s possible to be Hispanic and white at the same time. (Cue the CYA firing of her social media manager, who wasn’t supposed to remind people that the picture existed.)

There’s a new bill in Congress that would repeal the Hyde Amendment and expand abortion access.

The Navy and Marine Corps just extended paid maternity leave from six to 18 weeks!

Why it’s super privileged to say young people should travel and not worry about the cost.

Why you can ignore that advice going around that says women just need to stop saying “just” if we want to be taken seriously. (And ignore all the other shit that polices women’s word choices too, because we never tell men to change how they talk. Or how they do anything, really.)

Ijeoma Olua may have figured out what white people really mean when they say they “don’t see color.”

Pop Culture

Author Katie Pierson talks about why she decided to include abortion in her YA novel ’89 Walls.

Today in questionable choices, there’s a line of wedding dresses named after the women of Game of Thrones. Why in the world would you want a wedding dress named after someone who was violently killed at a wedding or raped on her wedding night or otherwise had a pretty dreadful life?!?!

Chrissy Tiegan keeps getting pictures taken down from Instagram due to visible nipples, even when she applies filters to make them look like artwork that should be ok according to their rules. So she put up a picture of husband John Legend’s butt… and they left it up. (NSFW pics at the link.)

Oh. My. God. (h/t Buzzfeed)

Fun Stuff

Anne Thériault was in the right place at the right time and liveblogged some poor lady’s awful date with a self-centered douche. It’s so cringeworthy; her exit was so obviously fake and he couldn’t even tell she got a rescue call.

Cosmo put together some of their favorite #MyVanityFairCover pics and hey look, there’s Alyson!



People are basically just scared of GMOs because of advertising, not any real science. Sigh.

Finally, some WWF researchers stuck a GoPro camera to a sea turtle and released it back on the Great Barrier Reef.


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Oh God, The “Go Travel, You’re Young” lie. Yes, and while I’m young I do not want to live the rest of my life with loans/debts. When young, I want to get a place of my own, and some financial breathing space when I don’t immediately get a job.

And also, what if I *DONT* want to see the rest of the world until I made a place into my own?

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