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Raise your hand if you want to see a gif of Pluto! Now put your hand down so you can scroll down to see it. :) While you’re at it, keep reading to check out the latest about Planned Parenthood, Idris Elba, and kale. 


PLUTO!!!!!!! (I especially like the image at the end with Pluto and Charon superimposed over Earth. It’s so tiny! #TeamNotAPlanet #SorryNotSorry)

At some point I’ll have to do a roundup of my favorite Pluto memes, because the internet has been on fire, but for more science and cool pics check out Bad Astronomy.

Gif showing the increasingly high-res photos of Pluto, from a total blur to crisp and clear.
Amazing! Photo credit: NASA/ESA/M. Buie (SwRI)/STScI/JHU-APL/SwRI

Other News

NO, Planned Parenthood isn’t selling aborted fetuses for profit. FFS.

Cutting food assistance programs is cruel, plain and simple.

Tennessee launched a new anti-DUI campaign aimed at young men and it’s totally sexist. Ew, drinking and driving is like flirting with a chick who’s totally annoying and not hot! (And the post points out that journalists should say it is sexist instead of hedging that some people are calling it sexist.)

No, a change in magnetic activity in the sun doesn’t mean we’re heading for a mini ice age in 2030.

Nonprofits may mean well when they try to teach “resilience” to under-served communities, but that’s not actually helpful and the money would be better spent providing actual services.

Cool Stuff

NPR has a fascinating story about premature babies who were on display in a Coney Island sideshow because hospitals weren’t convinced that incubators would help them survive, including an interview with a woman who spent time in the show 94 years ago. (Have some tissues handy.)

Semi-related, it’s apparently a good idea to have your baby’s name picked out before they’re born, because when hospitals have to put them in the system as just Babygirl or Babyboy (Lastname), they might be more likely to mix up treatments for those kids.

Want to learn something new? Here are a bunch of sites that can help!

Pop Culture

Yay, here’s a massive playlist of ‘90s rock music!

These fan theories are freaking me the fuck out.

Oh cool, the Star Trek cast made a video to introduce their new charity and HOLY SHIT IDRIS ELBA!

More Science!

More evidence that the Gardasil vaccine to prevent HPV infections is safe and carries little risk of dangerous side effects.

And more about how GMOs are safe — in some cases even more so than traditional crops.

You probably aren’t eating enough to get sick (and it would have to come from a contaminated field to be a problem), but kale is apparently really good at sucking up thallium from the soil. So if you’re drinking kale smoothies to clear *~*toxins*~* out of your system… you might actually be dosing yourself with a toxic heavy metal. Oops!

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