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This Weekend Open Thread is Felting

Poking things with a needle is fun.

I took a needle felting class last weekend, and it’s a therapeutic hobby. So I think I’m gonna make a few things this weekend.

By [E] Liza

PhD student. Knitter. Brooklynite. Long-distance dog mom. Reluctant cat lady. Majestic unicorn whose hair changes color with the wind.

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Despite a hell of a lot of sleeping and dear gods it is hot here i thought we were supposed to get torrential downpours all day, I knocked a lot off of my to-unfuck list this weekend. I’m not exaggerating, I paid twelve bills on saturday. (I don’t have that much on a monthly basis; six were annual and one was a magazine subscription.) Quite a bit of my chores involved gathering up related things and putting them away where they belong. E.g., reusable grocery bags were strewn about the kitchen floor, purses spanned several rooms, I own too many things that have an instruction manual and there is actually a place where I like to keep all of my manuals.

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