We Try It: Quorn’s Bacon Style Slices

A lot of vegetarians I know miss the flavor of bacon and it is one of the hardest tastes to replicate when cooking. Unfortunately, for the most part, fake bacon just doesn’t pass muster; the texture, taste, and saltiness just don’t match. Now Quorn, maker of assorted imitation meats, has thrown its hat into the ring with an artificial bacon product called Bacon Style Slices.

Packaging of Quorn Bacon-Style Slices
Quorn Bacon Style Slices (Photo credit: Quorn)

My first impression is that making Quorn’s bacon is a little troublesome since it must first be defrosted and then cooked (I chose pan-frying). The fact that I consider something so simple to be troublesome is a damning statement about my level of laziness, but I also suspect I’m not alone. However, the whole process took less than 10 minutes, so it’s not exactly time-consuming, and the frying process makes a big difference, because it’s in the pan that the bacon, which previously had resembled faux bologna (fauxlogna?), starts to take on a consistency and flavor that approximates the real thing.

Overall, the Quorn bacon was flavorful and, once fried, had the correct bacon-like texture. It does not taste exactly like bacon, but it has a similar smoky, chewy saltiness. I don’t think I would use it as a breakfast meat, but I could definitely see it subbing for bacon in a club sandwich or BLT. You’d still be aware that it was a facsimile, but it adds something to the sandwich nonetheless. As a sandwich protein, it works.

Quorn’s imitation bacon is vegetarian, but not vegan. Nutritionally it is very similar to real bacon. It is not gluten-free.

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