Weekly Anime Review

The end, mostly. Outside of Arslan Senki, all the other shows I was watching had their last episode, or were delayed to an unknown date in the future.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works ep 25

The epilogue.

It was mostly talking and more talking between Rin and Shirou with a few cameos.

  • Sakura taking care of Shinji at the hospital.
  • School stuff that happened two years ago right after the war was over.
  • Adult Waver Velvet from Fate/Zero, all grown up and with super long hair. He also thinks that “heroes of justice” is a stupid concept and not very funny. I think he misses Rider.
  • Popular characters from other Fate series.
Luvia making Rin jealous
Rin’s face is priceless

In the end, this it is mostly about how Shirou is going to follow his path and Rin is going to come along for a while. My reaction of the episode was mostly “they need to make a London Clock Tower series.” The grail and servants stuff is kinda boring, but the Clock Tower thing looked quite interesting.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 12

Erk, Tanikaze was tentacle raped (well kissed) by placenta Hishojiro. Izana ended up saving the day by separating the head of the mech and allowing Tanikaze to stab the core. Then lots and lots of Gaunas showed up and the cavalry arrived to save the gang trapped on planet Nine. The XO came up with a good plan and they destroyed a lot of Gaunas with it, allowing Sidonia to take control of the planet.

It also means that Ochai got a new placenta, I’m kinda afraid of what he’s going to do with it. The guy is insane and more interested in transcending humanity than helping it. The last episode also feels a lot more like a mid-season episode. They still haven’t dealt with the huge Gauna cluster.

Gardes' bombardment formation
Bombardment formation are the best thing ever

Kekkai Sensen ep 12

Episode delayed because they need a longer time slot. Sigh, that usually means I’m not going to see it.

Arslan Senki ep 13

The secret is out! Arslan is not from the rightful royal bloodline of Pars. Going by Bahman saying that Hermes shouldn’t be killed because of that, I’m not sure how Arslan will become king? Adopt Hermes’s kids? Looks like Vahriz knew and he told his old friend Bahman to keep Arslan safe. The most ironic part is that Hermes wants Arslan dead for his supposed blood relations when they are a lie. I get the feeling the full reveal will have much drama.

The gang meets up with Narsus at Peshawar and got to meet his new self-proclaimed wife Alfreed. Seems like Narsus got more than he bargained for when he saved her. Elam is not amused. Funny enough, I personally think ElamxAlfreed is kinda cute.

The studio is struggling to maintain quality in this episode, that would explain next week being a recap one.

Next Season

Arslan Senki is staying around for the summer. Unfortunately, the season¬†looks somewhat poor. I’ll have to watch the first episode of a few shows to decide what I’m going to watch.

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