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Rokka no Yuusha and Arslan Senki are really falling right into the adventure genre I like so much, but God Eater is the anime that pleases me the most aesthetically.  You can never have the full package, I guess. Chaos Dragon might get dropped because so far the pacing and storytelling is off. Overlord was saved from that fate for now though.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 03

Flemie has some psychological issues or something: stop turning your kindness toward me, it’s make me want to kill you. Although, Alder is really becoming one of my favorite main characters in a long time. Smart, kind and rash.

Flemie, Saint of Gunpowder
Flemie, girl, put a shirt one please

We still don’t know why everyone but Aldet wants to kill her though. She didn’t even explain why to him. Maybe she really did kill someone “important.” We also have the name of another Saint who is a one of the Six Braves. Hopefully, she is another cool character and the story picks up the pace a bit once everyone is gathered. This episode was a bit slow in execution.

Chaos Dragon ep 03

That was quite the boring episode, even if we learned a bit more about Ibuki’s companion.

Lou is simply evil, a member of an assassin organisation of Kouran. Even her weapon is evil. She also has weird feet.

Meryl, Sweallow’s assistant, actually runs a shop in one of the cities and runs information. I also realized she was wearing a battle dress, so I suspect she can fight. She at least knows some magic, going by how she shrank the luggage.

Eikha was a friend of Mashiro’s, and she joined the Revolution Army a few years ago. Mashiro also asked her to protect her friends. That’s why she joined up with the group.

Ibuki, in his case, is all “I don’t want to make any more friends ever.” So predictable. At this point, I will certainly drop this.

Overlord ep 03

Well, this episode was more interesting. Looks like the gameworld isn’t an exact copy of the old one. New kingdoms, plotting between NPC factions, and some of the magic spells don’t work the same way either.

It was also amusing to hear the not!NPCs talk as if they were NPCs. Like the villagers complaining there are never any adventures that comes to save them. Villagers always have the poor side in video games; they’re basically red shirts.

Still, Momonga was stomping everyone he meets here. Actually no, his low level summon was. Hopefully there is a more powerful thing in the gameworld to challenge him. Considering he is a scary monster, it seems that he might get some antagonists at least.

God Eater ep 02

Second episode. Looks like New-type are rare and even rarer at the Far East Branch of whatever is the name of the group fighting the Aragami. A new one is being sent from the Russian branch to the Far East one. She’s called Alica and she is in serious need of a bra and hiding those under-boobs.

Our reckless hero ended up in detention for not following orders. On top of it, Eric, the guy he tried to save last episode, died to save his unconscious ass. That is somewhat different from most anime, where going against the boss is basically how you get promoted. Of course, it didn’t last, he was given another chance to prove his worth and not get booted out.

I feel like the flashbacks shows how the monsters first appeared instead of how they ended up with God Eaters mutated humans.

Arslan Senki ep 15

Arslan and friends, along with Rajendra, are making their way to Sindhura. They are bringing a traitor along. He’s prettier than the princes we have seen so far. Really, I’m surprise he hasn’t been killed because of his good luck yet. His name is Jaswant.

ladies fawning over Gieve
Ladies fawning over Gieve, it’s probably the sparkles…

Nobody in Arslan’s group trusts the Sindhuran prince though, so they agree to his plan. Yes agree, Narsus clearly has something in mind. I suspect he might be doing a bait and switch tactic at this point. He even guessed that Jaswant wasn’t clean. Although, Arslan was super soft and freed him after he tried to get the Parsan army defeated.

There was a bait and switch tactic involved. I’m starting to see how Narsus thinks.

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