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Welcome to another week of news!

Protesters in Malaysia are demanding the prime minister’s resignation after leaked documents show he may have accepted bribes and payments.

This blog gives a timeline of the protests, which drew 50,000 people.

The Chinese stock market took a plunge and sent everyone into a tizzy.

Kim Jong Un is taking all the credit for the agreement reached between North and South Korea to lessen tensions. He says that North Korea’s military might was the key to the agreement.

This op-ed asks a very important question: Can soccer bring equality to Pakistan?

This piece asks an infuriating question: are female medical students to be doctors or wives?

There was a recent study that showed that 72% of violence against journalists is connected with government organizations.

The Chinese government has arrested about 12 people over the explosion in Tianjin.

The NSA is in hot water (again). The Japanese prime minister has asked President Barack Obama to investigate allegations that the NSA spied on his government.

Medical tourism in Asia is flourishing.

Thai authorities arrested a man suspected of planting the bomb in central Bangkok.

Finally, the northern Indian state of Haryana is inaugurating its first all-female police station. The police officers of this force will focus exclusively on crimes against women in all the districts.

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