PoC News in America

We’ve covered Ferguson earlier this week, but as seen in the events following the anniversary protests, Ferguson remains a community divided.

Police violence against black people in America is still brought to attention as we continue to examine the deaths of Sandra Bland, Sam Dubose, and Raynette Turner.

#BlackLivesMatter activists shut down a Bernie Sanders rally.

Hey, fellow South Asians, you need to step up and stand in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter.

File this under: reasons I will never go to Staten Island.

Unsurprisingly, the juvenile justice system is failing Native youth.

Losing Planned Parenthood should matter to communities of color.

On two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, we have Allure magazine defending their right to use a white model to showcase afro hairstyles, while W magazine exclusively featured black models with natural hair.

The “I’m tired” project challenges stereotypes and privilege.

Kelly Osbourne made a joke about Latinos that was both not funny and just factually incorrect. #QueridaKellyOsbourbe captures the Internet’s response.

By now we’ve all heard about the terrible reviews for Fantastic Four, but in case you missed it, here’s the cast dealing with some super racist and sexist questions.

Surprise! TV isn’t as diverse as you think it is, despite what the Emmy nominations might lead you to believe.

Film: also not diverse.

The Metropolitan Opera, is sort of addressing their diversity problems in the most basic way, by dropping the use of blackface in Otello productions.

Salma Hayek talks about getting older in a field that already marginalizes women and people of color, and is pretty BAMFy about the whole thing.

Idris Elba is the first solo man on a Maxim cover, which is notable, but also concerning, considering how black men in America are sexualized.

Wally West was cast for the next season of The Flash and Rosario Dawson is going to be in Jessica Jones.

Have you seen the adorable romcom Beyond the Lights? It’s hidden in the black films section of Netflix, as director Gina Prince Bythewood pointed out.

Internet icon Issa Rae talked about the fight to keep her new HBO pilot diverse in NY Times Magazine.

Speaking of whitewashing, the new trailer for Stonewall came out last week and it looks pretty white, revisionist and irresponsible. In addition to calling out this whitewashing (and signing petitions against the film), you throw your support behind this documentary about actual Stonewall activist Marsha P. Johnson.

Are you as excited for The Wiz Live! cast as I am? Besides the previously announced David Alan Grier, Queen Latifah, and Mary J. Blige, Amber Riley and Udo Azuba are in the cast. Also, newcomer Shanice Williams looks to be amazingly talented.

In other musical news, if you’re in NYC and are willing to stand in lines or shell out money for tickets, you should see Hamilton (which I will have seen by the time the article goes up, #humblebrag).

Drake reunited with his Degrassi costars because Drake knows what the Internet wants.

Spitboy’s Michelle Cruz Gonzales sits down with Flavorwire and gives a great interview about racism, being a woman of color in punk and riot grrrl feminism.

We have new music from FKA Twigs. Also, in music here’s ASAP Rocky at Lollapalooza and Kendrick Lamar with Yasiin Bey.

Finally, we end on a funny note, with some stock photos of white people laughing and eating Indian food, with some editorializing.


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