PoC News in America

While you were listening to the White House Spotify playlists, we were gathering news for you all!

After #BlackLivesMatter activists interrupted a Bernie Sanders rally last week, Sanders released a racial justice platform. Think Progress reminds us why these protests and acts are essential tactics.

Just a reminder that the activities of these #BlackLivesMatter activists and leaders have been closely monitored by the government

Colorlines looks at the past year of activism against state violence. 

WattsRiots50 on Twitter liveblogged the Watts Riots that took place from August 11th to August 17th, 50 years ago.

Senate confirmed the first Native woman Federal judge, Diane Humetewa, this past week. 

Navajo Nation called the contamination of the San Juan River “an attack on who [they] are.”

University of Texas – Austin is removing their Jefferson Davis memorial from their Main Hall citing his lack of importance to Texas state history.

More women have come forward to fill the “empty chair” in sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby. 

Straight Outta Compton won the box office this weekend which is a success for actors of color but also didn’t stop theaters from being super racist

Janelle Monae made a statement against police brutality at the Today Show, but you probably didn’t see it. She also dropped a new protest song and led a 150-person march through North Philly, because she is actually the greatest. 

Lebron James is spending $41 Million to send kids to the University of Akron.

Serena Williams is making me all types of jealous and looks stunning on New York Magazine.

Beyonce covers Vogue’s September issue and is GLAMOROUS.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, features Marvel’s newest superhero and looks adorable.

All the D23 News from Disney was amazing.

First, we had all of Lupita Nyong’o’s adorable coverage as she repped the Star Wars, Queen of Katwe, and Jungle Book movies.

Then we got news that Moana will be composed by Hamilton musical creator Lin-Manuel Miranda who may be bending physics and time in his ability to multitask.

He also talks about his goals regarding racial diversity and how timely the Hamilton story is in The Hollywood Reporter. Also that musical is great, go see it (if you can).

Shakira is voicing a character for Disney’s Zootopia. 

There’s going to be a black Bond. Sort of. Not really at all, but David Oyelowo will voice Bond in a new audiobook. 

The Wiz adds Common, Ne-Yo and Elijah Kelley to the cast because this is hopefully going to be better than you could’ve imagined. 

Also if you need to know how adorable and great Elijah Kelley could be as the Scarecrow, here’s a Hairspray-based reminder.

There’s gonna be a Training Day tv show if you wanted more from the Denzel Washington movie.

In different news, a Fresh Prince reboot is in the works produced by the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. 

Willow Smith has a new video.

Amandla Stenberg talks about being a teenage girl and an activist in Dazed magazine.

Azealia Banks has some things to say about Nicki Minaj’s wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s and black women’s bodies, and she is not wrong.

FKA Twigs drops a new mixtape and video.

Angel Haze also has new music.

We end with Laverne Cox giving us her best Beyonce.

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