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Lady Reads is a bit heavy on the pop culture this week, but that’s just because so much cool news came out! But don’t worry, we’ve got dick jokes and FEELS too!

Pop Culture

Entertainment Weekly has new pictures from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Is it December 18th yet? We also got the first cast photo and some awesome casting news from Star Wars: Rogue One, which won’t be out for even longer! Gah.

At least September 19th is coming up quickly!

Speaking of which, Hayley Atwell said she wants to play the Doctor and OMG YES PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Peter Capaldi wants to stick around a while, so we can still get a few more seasons of Agent Carter in the meantime. Everybody wins!

And speaking of Capaldi, motivational posters of Malcolm Tucker quotes are just fucking amazing.

Chris Hemsworth’s Ghostbusters getup is freaking hilarious.

Vanity Fair talks about the evolution of Bond girls and how the spy movie genre has embraced kick-ass women.

Dame looks at Hollywood’s feminist sexual awakening.

One hash pipe in Shakespeare’s garden probably isn’t sufficient evidence to prove he was a pot smoker, but this is some pretty funny evidence anyway. (And damn, we don’t get to run pot through the gas chromatograph or mass spectrometer at work!)

Gotta love Stephen Colbert, especially when he’s talking about feminism.

The author lineup for the YA anthology Feminism for the Real World totally kicks ass.

In Other News…

Dustin Rowles at Pajiba talks about the impossible dilemma of knowing that integrated schools are best for society but also knowing that he has the resources to move five miles and let his kids switch from an average city school to one of the best school districts in the country.

This may be the best thing anyone’s written yet about trigger warnings in college settings.

I need someone to send me all the money so I can buy a ton of these gender stereotype-abolishing clothes for the kiddo. And I also need some of these in my size. Thanks in advance!

These fake stock photos of real New Yorkers’ daily lives are dead on.

So many giggles.

I love everything about this.


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Well I have ALL THE FEELS after reading this. Seriously, this is a fab round up of news. The article about trigger warnings was incredibly interesting, though I must come back and reread it when less tired.

(There’s actually A LOT to reread here when less tired!)

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