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This Weekend Open Thread is Reading

What books are you into lately?

I’ve been really into the Odelia Grey mysteries. I’m knocking them out one after another. Quick, fun reads.

What about you?

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I’ve been reading Ready Player One which is a lot of like white male nerd fantasy (but in the future which kind of makes it less tolerable) but I’m finding myself laughing with it. I blame this on being at the beach and all that sun and sand confusing me.

I have been down the comic book rabbit hole quite a bit lately. The Wicked + The Divine has me itching to break my “wait for the trades” rule, because the second trade ends on such a cliff hanger.

A friend gave me a copy of Nimona for my birthday, and it is fantastic.

And I finally got around to reading the first trade of Batman: Li’l Gotham. I should have read it sooner, but I overlooked it because it’s an all ages title. It’s such a fun comic, holy batcow. The perfect remedy for all the grimdark in DC.

I’m working through Mary Robinette Kowal’s Glamourist Histories. I just finished book 4, and in the Author’s Note, she mentioned that she references Doctor Who in each book. I caught the reference in that book, but now I’m wondering about the other 3. And I already returned them to the library. I’ve also caught a few other current pop culture references, so I think the first 3 might be worth a re-read now that I’m on to her game :)

I have been rereading Terry Prachett in publication order. Right now I’m finishing Witches Abroad. I’m also reading Shatterglass by Tamora Pierce, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, and Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. The last two are both books I’m reading for Vaginal Fantasy’s book club.

I’m also reading a bunch of medical texts, which are interesting but not quite as fun.

I was reading Twilight this morning. I know. I know. I had already succumbed to paracetamol and downed a bowl of porridge. The dollop of honey was delightful but not the cure all I was hoping for. So, after sharing a shower with Little Juniper, all I wanted to do was read Twilight. Goodness knows why, but it hit the spot (or rather, I played “spot the adverb” – very good fun!).

I’m still going back to Kelley Armstrong and Wally Lamb, and this weekend, I think I’ll be diving back into Jenny Colgan – she’s my book equivalent of hot chocolate – I love her.

Oh! Oh! Last weekend’s rather over-whelming clear out was a success! Lots of things out and picked up by a charity! And it feels SO good. We also ate lots of yummy things. All in all, it was a rather fabulous weekend which is extra-marvellous considering how things have been otherwise.

And I have totally misused a bunch of punctuation just now, but I had approximately four hours decent sleep last night, so to bed I go!

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