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This Weekend Open Thread is Too Sweaty to Exist

I think the humidity in NYC is 400% this week.

I’d say the air conditioner in my bedroom is inadequate, but I’m not convinced an adequate AC unit actually exists on this planet.

Save me.

By [E] Liza

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Right now, I’m feeling kinda sorry for myself. I’m at a Camp thing for adults and the days are structured, but the evenings are every man for themselves. I don’t really fit into any of the pre-existing social groups, so I’m just kinda hanging out in my hotel room being bored. And since this is out of the country (a whopping 120 miles from home!), I don’t have cell service, so even if people DO think about asking me to join them, they don’t really have an obvious way to contact me. And I’m fine just hanging out, watching crappy hotel TV, reading a book, etc., but it’d be nice to do it with someone else.

I don’t have an AC so I’m basically now just an insomniac who takes 15 showers a day because this NYC humidity and I are having some real problems. Everything is the sweatiest. Also thanks to having weak ankles because of a stupid college injury, the humidity makes me achy and miserable and clumsy. I hate everything this week. Except ice cream. I could never hate ice cream. Unless it’s rum raisin. I can hate rum raisin.

The A/C has been acting up at work all week. It’s blowing just enough that I’ve been reasonably comfortable in my office, but I feel SO bad for the guys in shipping because it’s brutal down there. At least my boss has a window unit to keep some of our equipment cool, so anytime I got too warm I could just go ask him something. (Usually I’m trying to stand in the sweet spots I’ve found where neither A/C is blowing directly on me, because most of the time it’s freezing in there!)

I am a hot Scot. Seriously. It’s still double figures. It’s hot at night. It’s hot in the day. It’s hot when it’s raining and hot when it’s not. What is this meterological madness?!

I’m having a crappy week. I’m on antibiotics which need to be taken on an empty stomach. There is nothing quite like that to make me feel ravenous. So I’ve spent the week feeling sorry for myself. Though I’ve “discovered” Carrie Underwood and her music has been really kind of delightful.

But being crappy has been a good excuse to slow down (primarily because I just can’t go quicker than “eurgh” speed) and I’ve been crocheting a lot more. Scarf finished for Mr. Juniper in beautiful Jacob wool. I’m kind of in love with it, but I have three balls of it left and I’m dithering over what to make. I’m leaning towards a hat with ear flaps for Little Juniper for the coming winter. The small projects are a nice distraction from The Big Blanket for Juniper Junior which is to be eclipsed, once finished, by the plan I have of making a king size blanket for my parents for Christmas.

Oh, and I have finally watched “Home” which is, basically, pure delight. And I cried several times which I could blame on the crappiness, but seriously, that film, my emotions, it was all too much! Loved it and the boys seem to adore it, too.

So: HAPPY WEEKEND! I’ll be spending the weekend quietly happy dancing because things are actually picking up.

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