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This Weekend Open Thread Wants to Run

I’m not a morning person, and it’s too hot later.

I’m participating in two different 5K events in October, and I haven’t been running in weeks. Oops. It’s not entirely my fault, though, because it’s summer. By the time I’m up and alert, it’s 90 degrees out, and I’m neither an early riser nor a fan of treadmills.

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It’s too hot for aaaaaaanything. Having said that, I keep exercising really late at night because it’s finally cooler and a good way to work out frustrations of which there are rather more than I’d like.

This weekend amongst lots of baking, there’s going to be heaps of unclogging the house. We have a charity coming to pick up a heap of things but tomorrow I plan to get the black bags and start chucking stuff. One way and another guy I’ve realised I’m in a place where I can finally get rid of things which I could (should?) have got rid of a long time ago.

Anyone else struggle with letting things go? I plan on having Mr. Juniper sit with me if he can manage as he’s wonderful as a voice of reason on these things but I know that I will still have that niggle of do I or don’t I.

Or I could spend tomorrow eating croissants and scones whilst drinking tea and reading…

…or BOTH! After a difficult week, the weekend is suddenly looking spectacular!

Dude, you get all the crap done and then celebrate with croissants, scones, and several varieties of tea.

Me, I’ll be working voluntary overtime tomorrow, which is great because I honestly need a day for catching up with my work projects. One I acquired late last friday, and it got bumped down in priority when another “do this now with three other people” project came in monday morning. (Yep, I think I worked two or three hours on something that will require at least 25 working hours.). Another is usually manageable amongst my other projects over the course of a week, which is fine because new versions of the report come in weekly. Think of it like going through a job listings paper and applying to every interesting job before the next paper comes out, then applying to the new interesting jobs, and so on each week. Unfortunately, this past monday’s report was also overshadowed by the high-priority thing and is three or four times as long as an average report of this variety.

I’m AWFUL at letting things go. I might need it! And I’m proven correct just often enough to validate this train of thought. Or the shirts that if I just wash them enough, the stain will come out, or maybe I’ll totally cover the stain with an awesome patch! (Spoiler: I won’t)

I do a lot better getting rid of stuff when I’m donating it or when I know someone who will appreciate the item and actually use it. I’m giving my cake decorating kit to a teenager who loves baking and would totally be into the decorating aspect. I just need to get over my fear of the part of the house it’s stored in (it’s high-risk for spiders).

When I was organizing stuff for work, I would literally go to manager-lady and tell her to tell me to throw something out. Whatever works :)

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