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Some nice twists in Rokka no Yuusha this week, and there was also a nice strategy gambit in Arslan Senki. Yeah, for intelligent protagonists. Overlord is also taking the “be careful what you say, because someone might have heard you” direction, which should be amusing to watch¬†unfold. I also finally dropped Chaos Dragon.

Rokka no Yuusha, Ep 04

Well, seems like I made somewhat of a mistake. Flamie did kill the other potential Braves. That is an unexpected twist, mostly because she’s definitely not a member of the demon army. Now I wonder why she wants to fight the fiends all by herself.

Some other strange things happen in this episode. Looks like fiends can take human form and some of them to trick Aldet into opening the barrier temple. We also got to meet the other braves, bringing the total to seven, when there should be six. One of them is fake, the question is now whom. I suspect Flamie is going to be the prime suspect, Chamot wanted to kill her right away.

I still think that Aldet isn’t supposed to be there, but he wasn’t chosen by the demon. He’s just an idiot.

Chaos Dragon, Ep 04

Another uninspiring episode, despite some nice scenes and twists. I’m dropping this.

Overlord, Ep 04

Momonga changed his name to Ains Ooal Gown, I’m probably going to be laughing every time Gown is said, because it sounds like “Goon” and every time Ains is said because its like people are saying “Heinz.”

The most powerful summons of the Theocracy
The most summon of the Sloan Theocracy…it was one-shot by Ains

Outside of that, this episode showed that this new world had spells from the game Ains came from, but it also showed that everyone is a “lower life form” to him, too. He destroyed everything on his path like it was nothing at all. Overpowered much.

Demiurge also told all the other servants about Ains’ little “taking over the world would be nice.” I can’t wait to see them going along with that.

God Eaters, Ep 03

Looks like the rookie is getting better at fighting monsters. This episode was 85% fighting and 5% more background stuff. At least the exposition is demonstrated and not told. For example, they are called God Eaters because their weapons can eat the Aragami and use that as energy. Super useful for New-Types that can change that energy into bullets.

Alisa doesn’t seem to like the Eastern Branch much, she also seems to have a superiority complex and doesn’t like the rookie showing off much. There was a bit of a contest between both characters this episode.

Although, the best part of this show so far is really the grayscale flashback to how it probably all happened. How can enormous monsters show up around the planet like that?

A God Eater
This is a God Eater, I’m not sure how it fit into the actual weapon though

Arslan Senki, Ep 16

Jaswant made it back to Gadevi and proved, once again, that the first prince is an asshole¬†who doesn’t think much before acting. Even the vizir is starting to see it and he feels bad about choosing the wrong person.

A one hundred and fifty thousand against at most sixty thousand composed of ten thousand Parsans and fifty thousand Shindrans, who do you think won? Yep, the ten thousand Parsans. Although, the war elephants did quite a number on Rajendra’s army before they showed up. The poor elephants were decimated by ballistas though.

Next episode should be interesting, the father of Gadevi and Rajendra woke up and decided that a duel under the Gods will decide who will be the next king. Rajendra came crying for Dayrun to fight for him as a proxy, coward! I’m almost going to beg for Jaswant to become the next king at this point.

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