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Rokka no Yuusha is sure keeping up the suspense about who is the 7th Brave, which I personally find very interesting. Arslan Senki, though, ended its Sidhuran’s without much surprise; hopefully the follow-up has more surprises. God Eaters had a bit more world building in this episode and an ominous feeling for the future.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 06

Well, Aldet has kinda dug his own grave now, hasn’t he? Hans’s accusation had no counters and everyone aside from the Princess was very much interested in killing him over them. Trying to guess who is the fake one is kinda crazy. Hans made a lot of effort to get him killed so he could be the 7th, Maura had the keys to open the door, and I still think that Chamot and the Princess aren’t clean. We also learned that anyone entering the building by any means would cause the door to stick open. That means the person who raised the barrier could have entered from somewhere else.

Kid Adlet looks half dead
Kid Adlet look half dead here, poor kid.

Now Aldet is pretty sure there is a 8th around them that actually raised the barrier and that the 7th wants him dead. He’s a bit deluded over the whole Strongest Man in the World. There was some backstory there; seems like the fiends destroyed his village when he was a kid and he went to see an old hermit to learn to fit. I wonder who that old man was? Next episode should be interesting with Aldet fighting everyone… while smiling.

Overlord ep 06

Albedo is very, very, very crazy in love. She sleeps with a body pillow that has Ainz’s skeleton painted on it; she made it herself. She also made clothing for a kid, up to the age of five, one set per gender. I’m wondering if she is more crazy than Clementine.

The rest of the episode was Ainz showing his sword skills in one-shooting Ogres with his new friends, lots of socializing with them, and a bit of historical information about 13 heroes.

I also learned that the author of the novel is a D&D player, which explains quite a bit about how this show is set up and some of the references. Looks like Japanese play the same D&D as everyone else.

High level adventurers
High level adventurers, the future enemies of Ains?

God Eaters ep 04

Of course there is more monster hunting in this episode. Although, it was more of a background event to show that Alisa doesn’t understand the concept of teamwork and teammates. That girl has a long way to go. She seems to connect to Lenka; at least there is that.

We got a bit more information about how Fenrir works and a project called Aegis. The Fenrir’s bases can only be entered by people who pass the test to become God Eaters and their families. Lenka wasn’t happy to learn that one; I don’t think anyone else on the team was either.

Oh yeah, all the known characters are now in the 1st Unit, going around collecting cores to build the Aegis, a mega island to host all of humanity so the Aragami can’t attack it. I get the feeling that’s going to be a failure. That huge flying monster could probably do a number on that island.

Arslan Senki ep 18

“Across the river again” is the title of the episode, but no river is actually crossed. It’s a metaphor for Arslan finally returning to Pars.

Except that this is just at the end of the episode. First the old Sidhuran’s king had to die, funerals had to be held, and a banquet had to happen so Gadevi could lose his head and Rajendra could betray Arslan.

It also resulted in Jaswant joining the gang. Yes, another pretty boy on the team; I knew he was going to join up. This episode was rather predictable too. Narsus predicted that Rajendra wasn’t going to be a really nice person, so he had to force him to a non-aggression pack.

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