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I think this week’s shows can be summed up as “my life sucks.” In Rokka no Yuusha, Adlet is still being pursed and is no closer to exonerating himself. In Overlord, Ainz’s identity is discovered because he was careless previously. In God Eaters, Lenka discovers that they aren’t very close to saving anyone. Finally, in Arslan Senki, Hermes has issues making friends with the generals of the previous king.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 07

This episode went by fast despite having very few action sequences in it.

The first part is Adlet and Flamie telling each others a bit more about their past. Adlet’s village got the visit of a very well-educated fiend who told the Elders to move to the land of the Demons to be ruled by the Demon God or die. Any dissidents were to be killed; Adlet survived because of his best friend and sister who died so he could escape. That made him find his master, an old eccentric who taught a lot of stuff to the kid. How to make weapons, gunpowder, science, etc.

On her side, we learned why Flamie is so intent on killing Demon God. It’s all about vengeance. When she failed to kill Chamot, her mother tried to kill her and her friends turned against her. She realized it was all a lie and her mother pretended to love her. So she decide to stop what her mother tried to accomplish. Poor kid, she just needs a hug.

The rest of the episode was everyone still trying to capture and kill Adlet. The Princess believes Hans is the traitor though; Goldov wasn’t happy.

Overlord ep 07

The group finally makes it to Carne village and Niphrea finds out that Mommon is Ainz. He doesn’t tell anyone, but he does say that he was looking for how to make the red blood potion. He’s a nice kid. Also, the Carne village was somewhat different from the last time. That girl used Ainz’s item to summons the goblins and those goblins are now training the villagers into warfare.

They also made it to the forest with its King, a gigantic hamster. Ainz was a fan; he subdued it with a level 1 spell and turned it into a mount. He feels totally embarrassed over it despite everyone being super scared about it. He now has a huge magical beast among its properties. Well another one, going by Aura’s he has a few other beasts already.

The King of the Forest
This is the King of a the Forest: an oversize hamster

Next episode should have Clementine trying to make away with Niphrea. I wonder how Ainz is going to get involved with that plot.

God Eaters ep 05

This episode started slow and ended super bloody. Although, making it look like you are killing your main characters half-way through the season doesn’t generate that much suspense.

Lindow and Soma are sent on a special mission, so Sakuya is stuck with the kids (Lenka, Alisa and Kota) to do core gathering. Yep, building that Aegis won’t be done any time soon; they are barely 0.06% done and needs ten of thousands of Aragami cores still. The kids decide to hunt larger Aragami, the Varja, because the bigger the beast the bigger the core. Everyone goes smoothly, outside of people living in a Varja lair… and that black super huge Varja that eats Varja that showed up.

Alisa goes berserk at the sight of the black Varja and basically causes the whole team to get destroyed. Well sorta, she and Lenka got hurt the most… I think. I’m not sure how Lenka survived being almost cut in two though.

The best part of the episode was once again the grayscale historical science thingy. Seems like Varja are colonies with a central core, it’s kinda funny said like that, not so funny once you learn that they eat anything…

Arslan Senki ep 19

This was a quite Sam-centric episode. Most viewers probably don’t remember Sam though; even the show makers realized that so they included a flashback to earlier episodes. Sam was one of the Mazarban in the capital when it was taken over. He now serves Hermes.

This episode was dedicated to how Hermes is starting to plot is own takeover of Pars, starting by destroying Bodin’s Templar Knights who took over a well-defended castle. Seems like soon enough Pars will fall into civil war and I wonder what is happening in the invaders country if all the higher ups are in Pars now.

Zabul Castle
I want a Zabul Castle, imagine the view at the top of that.

Next episode should be interesting; looks like Etoile is coming back, yeah!

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