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It’s September Slash

Slash has come back into my life in a big way lately. Not only have Carolina and I played the card game a few times recently, we have been crushing hardcore over Stucky (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes). It’s September now and slash is an s word so hey alliteration for the win. I present to you my five favorite slash pairings (some canon included). 

1. Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay

They will forever be my number 1 couple because they are the reason Carolina and I are together. Willow also is the reason I am who I am today. She was the first queer girl on TV I ever connected with, being the nerdy witchy one.

A picture of Tara and WIllow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Willow canoodles with Tara

2. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

The aforementioned pairing has been tearing up the McManus-Wings household as of late. There is just something so sweet about these two best friends. This was kickstarted again after the credits scene of Ant-Man, where I originally developed an OT3 featuring Sam Wilson as well, whom I still love but I have a hard time not just shipping these two.

3. Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin

Even though I am over Pretty Little Liars, I am not over the two best characters on the show and especially not over their pairing (Spanna). I have been working on a story featuring those two for a bit now and I hope to finish it one day.

4. Sherlock Holmes and Detective Marcus Bell

I am no fan of the BBC’s Sherlock because Steven Moffat is an asshole. Luckily for me, a modern Sherlock Holmes series was developed in America that is vastly superior in almost every way including having more women on screen that don’t die after brief appearances. Johnny Lee Miller is way hotter than the alien-faced Cumberbatch. I have been shipping Sherlock with Bell since season 1 but in season 2 it turned into an even better relationship with Bell being mad at Sherlock. I guess I have a thing for broken love.

A picture of Sherlock Holmes and Detective Bell from Elementary.
Sherlock and Bell share a brief moment during an investigation

5. Winifred Burkle and Charlie Bradbury

Apparently, I am the creator of this ship because I cannot find it’s existence anywhere else. Winifred aka Fred from Angel is the cute scientist who helps Angel Investigations from Season 3 on. Charlie Bradbury is the queer geeky computer hacker who helps the Winchester Boys fight some monsters on Supernatural. I just think they would be almost too adorable to deal with as a couple. I just want to give both of them big hugs. I also know what I guess my next fic is going to be.

A picture of Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural.
Charlie looking awesome
A picture of Fred from Angel
Fred’s still photo from the Season 5 cast of Angel

Felicia Day, I want to point out, ships Carolina and I!

A picture of the author and her wife with Felicia Day.
We went to Felicia’s book signing

Dearest readers, who are some of your favorite slash pairings? I try not to wade into slash wars, so I will gladly take any pairing you want to give me. It’s September Slash madness!

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