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Lunchtime Poll: Did You See the Eclipse?

Did you go out last night to watch the lunar eclipse?

I went out just as it was starting and watched most of the progression of the shadow across the face of the moon, but about 10-15 minutes before totality the spotty cloud cover finally got too thick to see through. Damn. It was cool while it lasted, and at least the internet came through with other people’s images!

Also, stop it with the “Supermoon” bullshit. It’s not actually a thing.


By [E] Hillary

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There was perfect weather here. Two hours before the eclipse was to start, my S.O. and I went to a nearby park where the view was gorgeous and the moon was low and big. We were there for just under an hour, then went back home; to our surprise, we found that we could see the eclipse from our back stairway window with no obstructions, and kept checking on it every five or ten minutes.

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