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Welcome to another week of news! Got some quick links for you this week.

China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II with a massive military parade and a crackdown on the Internet.

The insurance losses connected with the Tianjin explosion could cost $3.3 billion.

Oh and Chinese ships were spotted off the coast of Alaska (dun, dun, dun).

Afghanistan’s currency has risen against the dollar.

The Indian government has barred Greenpeace India from collecting money from overseas.

The Thai police say that the DNA of two foreign suspects in the Hindu Erawan Shrine bombing does not match any evidence found at the scene.

The BBC has a story about Teesta Setalvad, India’s most “hounded” activist.

The government of Nepal has not spent any of $4.1 billion in donor money after the devastating earthquakes a few months ago.

Something to make you ragey, 108 schoolgirls and teachers were poisoned in Herat. This is the second such incident.

If you can, visit this museum exhibit on works from pre-colonial Philippines.

Finally, to balance out the bad (especially that story about the schoolgirls being poisoned,) here’s a new¬†trailer for the documentary, He Named Me Malala.


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