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The news story that is dominant at the moment is the story of Syrian asylum seekers; however, the plight of those fleeing Afghanistan is becoming lost in the mix.

The Chinese government has eased rules regarding the adoption of trafficked or abandoned Chinese children. Before, children were sent to state-run orphanages while their parents were sought. Now, children can be adopted by Chinese couples if the child’s family cannot be found, under the condition that the adopted parent give the child up if their biological parents come forward.

A plastic surgeon in Kabul is a real-life Robin Hood.

However, in Pakistan, young heart patients are not getting the care they need because of a lack of infrastructure and under-funding.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack on a Pakistani Air Force base.

Nepal overwhelmingly approved a new constitution.

North Korea is claiming that it has re-opened a nuclear facility.

Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman has had a fatwa issued against him for composing the score for the Iranian filmĀ Muhammad: The Messenger of God. Rahman converted to Islam from Hinduism in 1989.

The U.N. has asked for a special court to examine war crimes in Sri Lanka.

In a major upset, Japan defeated two-time world champion South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.

Finally, this week was Fashion Week in New York andĀ here are some collections from Asian and Asian American designers.

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