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Welcome to another week of news. Just a note that one news item this week comes with trigger warning.

This story hit last week after my post had been submitted. Major trigger warning for sexual assault and child abuse. The New York Times reported that the U.S. military forces in Afghanistan were ordered to look the other way when they saw Afghan commanders and allies abusing young boys. Those that spoke up about the abuse or tried to stop it were disciplined.

After the story was released, the Afghan president vowed he would take measures to enforce the law against child abuse.

Of course, the senior NATO commander in Afghanistan denied everything.

The Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is visiting the U.S. and they announced a major initiative to limit emissions. The U.S. and China are responsible for 45% of the global production of carbon dioxide.

He also pledged to strengthen protections on intellectual property (no more pirated movies, I guess).

This isn’t directly related to news in Asia; however, I feel we must all take a moment to reflect on the flawlessness that is Michelle Obama at the Chinese State Dinner.

Meanwhile, India wants to increase renewable energy five-fold by 2020. Yet, they still want the countries that have contributed the most to climate change to bear the brunt of reversing it.

There’s been a dramatic rise in respiratory diseases in India due to air pollution.

The grandchildren of one of the last queens of India won a court battle to inherit her properties. The palaces are now luxury hotels and they’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Also, a Pakistani court has ordered the government to enforce its own climate change policy.

Singapore has closed all schools due to an increase of pollution from slash and burn agricultural practices in neighboring Indonesia.

The U.S. and China may have come to an agreement on carbon emissions, but there is huge disagreement when it comes to women’s rights.

Protesters angry with Nepal’s new constitution have blocked supplies like oil from getting into the country from India. Many believe the new constitution does not provide enough protection to ethnic minorities.

There’s been an increase of HIV in Kandahar.

Finally, in cool science news, here’s a slideshow of pictures of the creatures that hang out in the deep seas around Asia.


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