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This past week saw the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. While the nation mourned, many people of color could not forget the violence and Islamophobia that emerged #afterSeptember11.

A new survey indicates that race relations in the U.S. are worse than they were a decade ago.

Sherman Alexie selected a writer for Best American Poetry 2015 who turned out to be a white man using an Asian pen name, Yi-Fen Chou. Alexie then defended the decision. The real Yi-Fen Chou does not approve of the use.

In other literary news, writer Jhumpa Lahiri was awarded a National Humanities award by President Obama.

Conservative Latinos are openly opposing the GOP’s immigration stance. Immigration policies might be slightly changing, but people are still being detained.

GOP leaders continue to target and criminalize the actions of black people and Latinos. The police continue to use similar policies.

While the GOP is alienating their voter base, the Democrats might not being doing much better with their obvious pandering, as Hillary Clinton attempted to do the whip and the nae nae, which I will not watch because of the secondhand embarrassment.

The NYPD apologized to retired tennis star James Blake for their brutal arrest, but is the apology wasted if the intended target was also misidentified.

Darrien Hunt’s mother rejected the $900,000 settlement from the police.

Freddie Gray’s family is receiving $6.4 million for his wrongful death in Baltimore.

New York Times Magazine takes a look at how we teach Martin Luther King, Jr. and civil rights when we still have Freddie Grays.

Serena Williams had a rollercoaster week, playing against her sister and losing at the US Open, which in no way undermines her amazing year. Serena Williams even had to fend off a reporter asking why she wasn’t smiling.

Stephen Colbert’s writers’ room is very white.

His is not the only newsroom that continues to be very white. While diverse hires work for LGBT writers and women, people of color are still being left out. Eboné Bell talks about how lesbian magazine Tagg is working to fix this.

Film School Rejects takes a look at how minority voices and visions are shared using Ava DuVernay. DuVernay herself is using her group ARRAY to highlight the work of underrepresented directors.

Fall TV is happening soon, and there’s so much to get excited for.

Vivica A. Fox is joining Empire as Taraji P. Henson’s sister.

How to Get Away With Murder is returning.

While the overall TV landscape still needs more diversity, shows like Key & Peele and The Carmichael Show are centered in conversations about race. Mike Schur’s new sitcom about an interracial couple in Missouri might also help keep this conversation mainstream.

Octavia E. Butler’s Dawn may be coming to TV.

New documentary Meet the Patels talks about Indian-American identity, dating, and arranged marriages.

Marvel is adding a new Korean-American Hulk and giving a Native-American hero his own series.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is trying to expand its skincare and makeup to match the diversity of their customers.

Vulture proposes that Keegan-Michael Key should be the next great romcom hero and no one should disagree with this.

Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond took his platform at New York Fashion Week to highlight the effects of police brutality.

Beyoncé looks stunning as always in Flaunt Magazine.

Keke Palmer is having a great career moment with her new role in Scream Queens. She’s also in next month’s Maxim.

Taraji P. Henson and Gina Rodriguez are on the cover of Glamour’s next issue.

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Shonda Rhimes (among other Shondaland cast members) dominate the covers of Essence Magazine.

Speaking of which, check out The Root’s 100 to find influential black performers, activists, businesspeople and politicians including the aforementioned Shonda Rhimes, Taraji P. Henson, Ava DuVernay, and so many more.

Vanessa Williams is returning to the Miss America pageant, 32 years after being dethroned.

The Covergirl Star Wars makeup collaboration has a new face, resistance fighter Janelle Monáe.

Angel Haze has a new song entitled “Moonrise Kingdom.”

A Whitney Houston hologram tour is happening!

Bruno Mars has been offered the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.

While Stephen Colbert’s writer’s room might be very white, meet Jon Batiste, his new band leader.

Meet Aye Nako, an indie band that shaking up the mostly white genre.

Finaly, here’s FKA Twigs covering Sia’s “Elastic Heart”


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