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We’ve got about a month left in the summer anime season and God Eater is a no-show for a second week. Rokka no Yuusha shows the power of the Saint of the Swamp in all its green glory. Overlord has more MMORPG tropes being thrown around and a very crazy lady. Finally, Arslan Senki has what could be called a breather episode before the final stretch.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 08

Chamo’s power are disgusting and Hans is a total bro. That’s how this episode can be summed up.

It first starts with the Hans vs Adlet fight, which ends with both character being out of the “might be the 7th” list. Adlet because under the possibility of dying and learning Hans is the 7th (a lie), he looked terrified; Hans because he didn’t kill Adlet when he had the chance. At least, that’s the logic used. We also learn that neither Hans and Chamot knows how to operate the barrier, so they can’t have activated it.

We got a small Mora and Flamie scene too, where Mora is all mommy-like to Flamie. The latter wasn’t impressed despite Mora saying that to her she is a kid. Mora also asked Flamie to kill Adlet; that’s kinda suspicious, but I don’t she is the seventh.

There was also some Princess and Goldov, where the Nasha finally told him to drop the jealousy. Hopefully that sticks. She is still sure that Hans is the guilty party, though I personally still believe she is the 7th. With Aldet and Flamie exonerated, she’s the best candidate now in term of emotional drama.

On her side Chamo got bored and decided to kill all the Braves but Mora, just in case one of them is the traitor. She’s believes she can take down the Demon God all by herself… well more like all by herself and her army. That’s the disgusting part of her power. She’s got a swamp in her stomach and everything she ever eaten (aka defeated) lives there happily… she can literally puke them around as her own personal army of fiends and other stuff.

Puke Attack
Puke Attack!

Overlord ep 08

Poor Sword of Darkness. They got slaughtered by Clementine… who looks crazier the more she has screen-time. I think she has the same voice actress as Flamie in Rokka no Yuusha; quite the change there.

Clementine took Nphirea to the cemetery, and her partner started to create an army of undead. The kid grandmother hired Mommon to save him with everything she had in return. They probably were not that high level because Momon just slaughtered them with his sword left and right.

Once he made it to the culprit he left Khajit and his apprentices (or whatever they are) to Nabe and took Clementine for a one on one fight. Nabe just blew away the apprentices in one shot, lol. Next episode should have the whole fight for both groups though, which should be interesting.

God Eaters ep 06

Where are you?

Arslan Senki ep 20

All is not well in the Peshawar fortress. Many lords answered Arslan’s summon and they don’t all get along. Some are annoyed with Narsus being basically a Vizir. Some don’t like that Jaswant is Arslan’s personal guard. I guess some don’t like Alfreed either.

Narsus proposes to name one of the oldest lords in his place as long as he gets to manage the army. That old man is Lucian; I can’t say if he is a two-faced guy or not. He was told about Hermes thoughs I’m sure Narsus already planned for all eventualities.

Besides that, we got some of Etoile’s content for the rest of the episode. Apparently her name is Estelle/Esther in the original novel. So Etoile goes to scout the Peshawar’s fortress, disguised as a girl (she is a girl), and hilarity follows. She turns into a stubborn boy a few times there. I’m still unsure of her role in the story outside of showing Arslan the way of his convictions.

Etoile and Arslan
Etoile and Arslan are way too cute together

Although, in this episode, she also got some of her conviction shaken a little: not all Parsans are bad. I wonder where this will lead; I doubt the entire series is going to be animated.

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