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Just a few more weeks until I know who is the 7th in Rokka no Yuusha; they’re really taking their sweet time there. Overlord started a new storyline, God Eater continues its world building, and Arslan Senki is marching toward its glorious final battle.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 10

Despite Chamot finding her scary, Maura is an idiot… an idiot with way too much power. She can use the echo of the mountains, which allows you to speak very loudly over very large distances. She has super strength and can conjure a shield, too. But she is an idiot. Adlet fully proved Flamie’s innocence; she didn’t even touch the system that raise the barrier. Maura wasn’t happy, and at this point I guess we are supposed to believe she is the 7th. I personally still think it’s the psycho bunny.

Yeah, the Princess will now be called psycho bunny. She’s just off her rocker and a psychopath, a smiling psychopath. I think Flamie would be the one with something off in the head, but outside of trust issues, she’s quite mentally sane. Nasha though, jeez, direct 180-degree turn and blade frenzies thrown everywhere over deciding that Adlet was the 7th. Next episode will literally be Bunny/Goldov/Maura versus Adlet/Flamie.

The Princess' "I'm going to kill you" smile
The Princess’ “I’m going to kill you” smile

Adlet also made a love confession this episode. To Flamie, poor girl, she hates him. She hates him because she actually believes him. Love hurts, I guess.

Overlord ep 10

So Shalltear didn’t rebel because of love, she’s just trigger happy and killed a lot of people. Until a group of high level adventurers stopped her rampage, it seems. She was either mind manipulated or is scared Ains found out she screwed up.

We also meet with the girl to whom Ains gave the healing potion early on. Looks like she survived her encounter with Shalltear, maybe we will see her again. Sebas and another maid are also playing spies in the cities. I need more battle butler.

Also, Shalltear’s true form is very, very ugly.

God Eaters ep 07

So Lindow isn’t a fan of following orders? Instead of taking his two protégés back to the rendezvous point, he brought them to a place that shouldn’t exit. It has trees, that you much no touch, farmed lands and buildings with people in them… all untouched by the Aragami.

The place has all the people refused by Fenrir. Lindow actually brought the latest bunch of people who Lenka was so sad to see kicked out. The trees are protecting the people there… they are actually Aragami that eat other Aragami. The rest of the episode was Lenka showing some brain cells for once. That was a clever plan.

Super huge god eater jaw
Why don’t they use the God Eaters like that all the time?

The “events of the past” section gives me the impression that the trees might be the real project Fenrir too. The Aegis is just a stupid plan, coexistence with the Aragami is a much better one.

Arslan Senki ep 22

A prophecy? Andragoras seems to have put his actions behind the call of a prophecy tied to Pars’s royal line blood. I guess that means he and Hermes are going to die and Arslan will become king.

The rest of the episode had a lot of talking about battle preparation. Guiscard isn’t stupid enough to fall for Narsus’s little lie, so the battle might be a bit more complicated than expected. Still, he didn’t look too scared having to face 100k soldiers.

The best part of this episode was Alfreed and Elam behaving like lovers in the capital while they were spying. They are so tsunderer for each other.

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