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Dispatches from Geek Girl Con 2015

I spent last weekend nerding it up, lady style, at Geek Girl Con in Seattle.

It was an extremely fun event — I saw some great panels and excellent cosplay, and even got to meet a fellow P-Magger in person. I was live-tweeting all weekend, but if you missed that, you can catch up on the highlights here.

On Saturday, day 1, I started off by exploring. I poked around artists’ alley and main event floor. Then I headed into my first panel of the day, “Sexy vs. Sexism.” That was a great discussion that talked about the ways women are portrayed in media, mostly focusing on video games, and where the line is between sexist objectification and empowering sexiness. That’s a blurry, gray line, but the common theme throughout was the concept of agency. There were a lot of excellent points raised.

After this panel, I had an hour to kill, so I explored again, this time spending entirely too much money. Once my wallet was empty, I went to another panel, this time about geek cosmetics businesses. That one was pretty fascinating, and emphasized the narrowing gap between geeky and girly.

In the evening, I attended the GGC costume contest, which was divided into three categories: child, group, and individual.

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On day 2, I started by attending the panel by our very own Alyson, about trans representation in media. This was especially interesting because it’s not an experience that I am personally living, so I got to listen to people who are, and learn from them.

After this, I stood in a slightly longer line for what was probably the biggest panel of the weekend: a discussion with Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn about online harassment. Security was amped up for this one — our bags were searched on the way in and we were told not to record audio or video. I completely understand why they added these measures, and it makes me rage-filled and sad to think about.

After this panel, I went to the one I had been waiting for all weekend: “Fatness and Fandom.” It covered all different areas of fatness in relation to different geeky media, from online harassment to the (lack of) availability of cute nerdy clothes in plus sizes.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a gallery of some of the amazing cosplays I saw.

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