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This week, we are covering the aftermath of the horrific bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital and the 14th anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, and we’re also taking a look at the LGBT community in Southeast Asia.

The story about U.S. involvement in the airstrike that destroyed the hospital run by Doctors Without Borders and killed 12 doctors and 10 patients has been changed for the FOURTH TIME.

The organization is turning to the international community for an independent investigation of the bombing as a war crime (as they should).

The war in Afghanistan just “celebrated” its 14th anniversary, making it America’s longest war.

American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has reversed her position on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. She has gone on record as saying the deal leaves too many unanswered questions. She was once a strong supporter of the trade agreement.

Australia is currently negotiating with the Philippine government to transfer asylum seekers currently being held in detention centers on remote islands. If you recall, there was a flood of refugees crossing the oceans to escape oppressive governments in Myanmar and Cambodia.

A new study just released says that one in three men in China under 20 years of age will die prematurely if they do not stop smoking. What’s interesting is that while smoking among men is ubiquitous, only 2.4% of Chinese women smoke.

A Muslim man was killed by a mob for allegedly eating sacred beef (cows are sacred in Hindu culture and faith). After days of silence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for unity between Hindus and Muslims.

A member of the ruling BJP party also assaulted a Muslim member of the Kashmir state assembly after he was served beef at a private party.

The Indian government is also calling on social media companies to censor content that might “incite hatred” and remove hate speech and objectionable content.

Malaysia is upholding a ban on cross-dressing by transgender Muslims.

The Huffington Post also has a 10-part series on being LGBT in Southeast Asia. Each story will focus on a different country. The first story of the series focuses on Indonesia.

Indonesia has asked for international help in stamping out forest fires.

This story from Al Jazeera America highlights the stigma of mental illness in Pakistan and how it’s hurting the people of the country.

In science news, the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo and Arthur B. McDonald of Queen’s University in Canada for their, “contributions to observations on the oscillations of neutrinos, which show that neutrinos — previously thought to be massless — indeed have mass.” Cool!

Finally, the biggest film festival in Asia, the Busan Film Festival closed with a record number of visitors.

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