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So remember how U.S. President Obama said that they would scale down troops and activity and Afghanistan over the next couple of years?

Weeelllll, that’s apparently not happening. Citing the “very fragile security” in Afghanistan, President Obama announced that he is slowing down the rate of troop withdrawal and keeping 9,800 soldiers there through 2016.

So the U.S. government is still being very shady about why a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz was targeted for air strikes. Now they are saying that U.S. analysts believed that hospital was being used by a Taliban operative to coordinate the group’s activities. Uh huh.

A big typhoon is currently hitting the northern Philippine islands pretty hard.

Some of India’s most prestigious writers have been returning the awards they’ve been given in protest of Narendra Modi’s pervasive silence about the violence towards certain groups.

A Indian woman who wandered into Pakistan 11 years ago may have finally identified her family and may soon be reunited with them.

This piece by the BBC explains why cows are such controversial animals in India.

Myanmar has signed a peace agreement with armed rebel groups.

The U.S. has urged China to release human rights lawyer Zhang Kai, who was originally detained back in August.

The oldest woman in Asia, Esah Jusoh, passed away in Malaysia at the age of 115.

Check out a couple of cool photos in this article on Tokyo’s Fashion Week. Also, this is the first time Filipino designers have presented their designs.


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