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This week, we congratulate the President and the First Lady for celebrating 23 years of marriage and looking fly throughout their time together.

There was another tragic mass shooting in America this week, this time in Oregon. Journalists are already pouring over the shooter’s online presence uncovering antisocial behavior and racist beliefs.

As we struggle to deal with the inadequacies of gun control in the country, Larry Wilmore suggests that men shooting off their genitalia will aid in improving gun laws.

President Obama and most of Twitter took presidential hopeful Jeb Bush to task for his “stuff happens” comments following the Oregon shootings.

Reminder: White supremacy is a bigger threat to America than Muslim terrorists.

The women who were kicked off a Napa Valley Wine train are filing an $11 million dollar lawsuit against the company.

The Root looks at how Christianity, whiteness, and heterosexuality contribute to the continued demonizing of Planned Parenthood, whose services primarily impact poor women of color.

We discovered water on Mars, thanks to Nepalese-American NASA Researcher, Lujendra Ojha.

Women of color are responsible for the victory against Shell Arctic drilling.

MacArthur Genius Grants were awarded this past week with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Lin-Manuel Miranda among the honorees.

Elizabeth Warren talks about structural racism and black lives matter.

A white artist in Detroit talks about how their message was almost “All Lives Matter,” but realized that detracted from the message.

At the same time that NYC is going to continue profiling against Muslim youth in the name of national security, California Governor Brown signs an act to reduce racial profiling and excessive force.

Michelle Obama gives some advice to young women reminding them to put themselves and their futures first.

Meanwhile, President Obama (and Kanye West) will be making an appearance at the Democratic National Committee Fundraiser.

Amber Rose’s Slut Walk LA happened this past weekend and people came out to support Amber and the anti-slut shaming message.

Meet H&M’s first Hijab wearing model, Mariah Idrissi.

Taika Waititi from What We Do in The Shadows is set to direct Thor 3: Ragnarok. Suddenly I’m interested in Thor again.

ABC Family is developing a show based on Nicki Minaj’s life as a Trinidadian-American girl growing up in Queens.

A Soul Train musical is coming to Broadway.

Blogger Christian Fan and Ken Jeong got into a mild twitter debate over the latter’s career playing Asian stereotypes and his new TV series.

Have see Quantico yet? Well, clearly their own promo team hasn’t, as they confused star Priyanka Chopra with another Miss World, Yukta Mookney.

Tina Fey tries to name 20 Latinos for Billy on the Street and fails. Comedy.

Kunal Nayyar, Danny Pudi, Maulik Pancholy, and Kal Penn play around with white America’s inability to tell minority celebrities apart on The Soup.

Black Simon and Garfunkel perform The Weeknd with Art Garfunkel.

A few weeks ago, I brought you Flavorwire’s interview with Michelle Cruz. This week we have Pauline Black talking about anti-racism in ska.

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj are among the many performers at the Tidal Concert at Barclay’s later this month.

We end this week on Kelis’ recipe for Smoked Bacon Arepas, which look AMAZING.

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