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This weekend, I counted down the minutes to the new Star Wars trailer and stared at this poster for hours. Here’s what happened in the rest of the U.S. this past week.

Here’s what the Democratic Candidates said about #BlackLivesMatter during the first debate.

DeRay Mckesson talked about what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton said in their respective candid sits downs with #BlackLivesMatter activists about racial justice.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump asked an Asian-American student at a Q&A, “Where are you from?”

Black teenagers in Washington, D.C. were brutally detained by police, which inspired protests in the area.

Latinos are 3 times more likely than their white counterparts to be diagnosed with HIV.

Activists urge North Carolina’s governor to veto an anti-immigrant bill.

Two Teach For America alums say the program has issues with race (surprise!).

Though we covered it last week, the 2015 Million Man March received minimal mainstream media attention.

Black Fox News staffers talk about the “difficult” work environment.

Philadelphia Magazine takes steps to combat its own diversity issue.

Feministing gives us some steps towards being a transnational feminist.

Artists and activists covered the sets of Homeland with graffiti calling the show out for its Islamophobia and racism.

Matt Damon got a lot of attention for his comments on diversity on Project Greenlight, but this week producer Effie Brown talks about her experiences.

Quentin Tarantino says Selma deserved an Emmy and complains about black criticism of his films in a recent interview. He sort of backtracks.

To complete the questionable white people trifecta of the week, Ellen makes a joke at the expense of black women’s bodies, again.

Flavorwire talks about Lamar Odom, celebrity privacy, and media coverage. Recent reports indicate that Odom is recovering.

Whoopi Goldberg disagrees with Viola Davis’ assertion about lack of opportunity for actors of color in Hollywood.

Cary Fukunaga talks about his new film, Beasts of No Nation, which is now on Netflix.

Denzel Washington is directing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

John Ridley is working on a movie about the L.A. riots.

FX orders Donald Glover’s show to series.

Awkward Black Girl star and creator Issa Rae just got her series picked up by HBO.

Quantico got a full series order so I have something to watch while eating dinner on Monday nights (I dvr everything.).

Here’s a sneak peek at Into the Badlands, AMC’s new fantasy show with PoC leads.

Tracy Morgan returned to SNL a year after his accident and we all realized how much we adore Tracy Morgan and miss 30 Rock.

Eddie Murphy thoughtfully explains why he refused to play Bill Cosby for SNL 40.

Ebony editor Kierna Mayo talks about the controversial #CosbyVsCliff Cover.

T.I. said he can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman.

Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o’s new play Eclipsed opened this past week to rave reviews.

Teenaged icon Amandla Stenberg talks intersectional feminism and her varied projects with Nylon.

Selena Gomez talks about growing up and the next phase of her career.

The first photos from The Wiz Live! are online.

Congrats to future parents John Legend and Chrissy Teigen!

Prince threw a 3-hour concert for the WNBA champions. Prince is the best.

Singer Miguel says voting for Donald Trump is “fucking ignorant” and he’s not wrong.

Fusion has some superheroes of color you should know about.

Finally, here’s the Palestine-solidarity video from Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis and other black activists.

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