Weekly Anime Review

It’s the last week of the summer season. God Eater finally shows back up, but unfortunately, the rest of the episodes were pushed back to this winter. Overlord ends with a bang and cash shop items. Finally, Arslan Senki has a proper ending, hopefully we get more of that. Next week, I’m going to have all new shows: the second seasons of Fafner Exodus, K – Return of the Kings and Owari no Seraph. I am also going to try Heavy Object (humans against huge war machines) and the new Gundam show (because mecha).

Overlord ep 13

The end.

Those cash shop items are overpowered. Shalltear ended up trashed because she just doesn’t know how to PvP. Ainz resurrected her later, but she don’t remember what happened. He also told her it wasn’t her fault (Yes, it was!!! bloodthirsty vampire).

We do know about the group that attacked her: an adventurer group from The Slane Theocracy. Ainz doesn’t know, though. Could the people who created that “country” be players like Momon? They have world items. Also, I didn’t get it the first time it was mentioned, but Clementine is an ex-Slane Theocracy member (the Black Scripture is a military branch).

Lord Touch Me armor
Lord Touch Me had an awesome armor…and a weird name.

While this ends the season, it is possible we will get more episodes in the future and this episode opened some new possible plots.

God Eaters ep 09

Poor Lenka, he only as three years left to live if he stops using his God Arc now. The Oracle cells are killing him… well, basically turning him into a Aragami.

We learned a bit more about the past events, too. Seems like Fenrir anticipated what would happen. This is fishy, really fishy. I think Lindow also thinks it is fishy.

The rest of the episode focused on Soma, he has a reputation among the God Eaters: shinigami. Looks like he was the first God Eater, his mother, Aisha, even proposed the idea of human receiving the Oracle cells to well the weapons. His father is Johann, the guy who found the cells… and he doesn’t act too fatherly. Yeah, Soma has daddy issues.

The credit roll had more scenes too, seems like Alisia was brainwashed to kill Lindow. That’s not nice. Also, Lenka is going to get a new God Arc. The rest of the episodes are going to be up this winter. Nooooo.

Arslan Senki ep 25

The end.

If we can call that the end. Hopefully, they continue the story because it is far from over. Arslan and friends took over the keep. He also calmed down Étoile, Estelle is her real name. She’s so much of a tsundere, lol. The future king also protected the remaining Lutsanians and seems to be sending them back home before assaulting Ectbatana.

Etoile helping pregnant woman
Etoile being super friendly.

On his side, Silver Mask made a deal with Guiscard. He will get Pars throne in exchange of making Guiscard the ruler of Lutsania. That can’t end well…

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