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I need more Fafner in my existence. It is such a great mix of awesome mecha animation and despair. The new Gundam might be following in the same steps, too. K: Return of Kings is taking it slow with its plot, while the second episode wasn’t boring, it lacked substance. Owari no Seraph had a bunch of revelation in its first episode, that was somehow unexpected. Finally, Heavy Object had an interesting second episode, but the third one should be even better.

Fafner Exodus ep 15

This show is evil to its characters. Poor Akira who believes that Hiroto is still alive and not in a one-foot by two-feet box. All those people killing themselves because they feel to despaired.

Maya is a very good pilot, how she avoided all those bullets and missiles launched at a her is amazing. Even the bomber commander was wondering how she was doing it. And even if she feels sad and bad about it. Destroying that bomber was a really good call.

Looks like our evil laughing Festum has a friend in the sky and might be in along with the Human Army. I’m still hoping for a ROE Alpha launched on the Human Army, personally. They deserve it now.

Mark Sieben try to stop the bomber
People can’t say that Maya didn’t try to talk them out of it. Poor Maya.

We also got to learn what is the “hope.” Looks like another island core somewhere. The Emeri and Miwa don’t know where it is, they just sent it an update.

Heavy Object ep 02

This was better than the first episode. We get more of the Baby Magnum against the Water Strider, that’s the name given to the attacking object because it looks like a water strider with its legs.

The Objects, as expected, continued to attack everyone, so the princess used her SOS signal to drag it away. Qwenthur decided that she shouldn’t be the decoy alone, so he went after her and Havia followed.

The episode ended with Qwenthur saying their little group can’t play decoy forever so they should think about between the Object instead. Next episode should be interesting.

K: Return of Kings ep 02

Lots of talking this episode. Going by the opening sequence, Anna is going to be a huge character this season. She had the most screentime.

So Kuroh went to see the Blues to talk about the Green Clan and he rejected an offer to hang out at their base for safety, saying he already had a place to live. On her side, Neko went to Anna’s place. Looks like they get along quite well. Of course, she was also extended an offer to stay there. She also refused.

The episode ended with Kurok and Neko going back to the school. Wasn’t the place part of the Green territory in the first season? Anyway, Shiro needs to appear soon, because the plot isn’t moving much without him.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 02

Mikazuki is either really stupid or very intelligent. When being warned over damaging his nerve system his answer was: “not a problem I don’t use them much anyway”. Looks like the system used to enhance spacial awareness (Alaya-Vijnana) allows him to hear Barbatos, that’s the Gundam’s name. It means bearded old man and is the name of a demon in demonology. That’s not exactly comforting.

Looks like Crank isn’t a bad guy, he retreated as soon as he learned they were killing teenagers and kids. He also refused to re-attack them afterward to his superior and ended up going alone. I wonder what is going to happen with that, he probably will get brainwashed or killed. That is usually what happen in Ishows.

Biscuit, cookie, cracker. That’s the name of three characters that seems to be related, twin sisters that call Biscuit “big-brother.” It’s just so random.

Aina, you are stupid. She doesn’t even realize her helper and her dad are super cowards who sold her off to Gjallarhorn. I’m really starting to think that she was manipulated into some sort of stardom to cause trouble at this point.

This show as the most retro ending song and sequence I had to see in the last 15 years.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 01

I didn’t expect that much information in the first episode this returned. In the first season, Shinoa talked about her dead older sister, well it appears that she was in love with Guren and that she was turned into a demon and then killed by him to make his cursed gear. I’m wondering if the same thing is going to happen to Shinoa, who clearly has a thing for Yu.

Speaking of Yu, he’s still an idiot. He just realized that Shinoa is a Hiragi. Although, she feels like an abandoned member, but that might be of her own doing: she keep refusing promotion. I don’t think she likes her family that much from her, “I don’t know who is the bad guy anymore,” and going by their “interview” methods, it’s not really surprising.

Yu's new family
Yu’s new family

The other big news in this episode: Yu and the other orphans were guinea pigs for the biggest spellcraft research group in Japan.

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