Weekly Anime Review

Lots of explosions this week. There were things that exploded in Fafner Exodus, Heavy Object, K Return of the Kings and the new Gundam show. No explosions in Owari no Seraph, but we got a lot of screaming instead.

Fafner Exodus ep 16

Fuuuuu. That ending voice over with Soushi was super ominous for the next episode and the title for it doesn’t help either. Fafner, when will you stop breaking my heart?

We are back to the island, following Olga’s return home. It didn’t go too well. Satellite-Spy festum spotted them and told Walker festum where the island was. Olga succeeded in uploading the info to the island, but Sui only saved her corpse. Four people total died, but Canon says it was supposed to be five of them, so she’s totally sure Hiroto is gone.

Canon also found out how to use her mech power. She has to fight all alone in the different futures. She is also losing mass, fast. Don’t die, Canon!

Heavy Object ep 03

Going by the Faith Organization beliefs, I don’t have any problem believing that no engineer ever tried to do what Qwenthur did in this episode.

It was rather brilliant; find the next legs to be fit into the Objects and sabotage it to cause the self-destruct sequence of the Object. Of course Qwenthur and Havia were held as heroes, got medals, balls and all that jazz.

This is war
Look at that hunk of metal.

They also got posted to the battlefront soon after… again. That wasn’t what they were daydreaming about.

K: Return of Kings ep 03

Well, without much surprise, the Green King, Nagare, appears to be totally barmy. He’s wearing a straightjacket, and he got all, “Yeah he’s back, muahahahah” at the end of this episode too.

Not much happened in this episode. Yata, two greens and Fushimi are at the school; Yata to deliver something that Neko forgot, and Fushimi because he was asked to tail Kuroh. The two greens though, one is there to kill Kuroh. They even have a past, Yakari was his senpai under the Black King. The other one is just there to get points.

Of course, a King can’t let his subject die, so Shiro showed up right at the end, very well aware of what was happening. Next episode seems to be full of “blah blah” with Silver, Blue and Red trying to associate themselves to face off the Greens. There was also some stuff about Neko, she has a real name.

The Silver King
The Silver King as return

Also, the Green’s pawns are really stupid. Even the higher-ups. I don’t expect anything good coming out of them.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 03

Orga is quite the boss. He took over the company, renamed it, got rid of what remained of the first division by giving them severance pay to keep a good name, secured future employment and showed that Mika will do everything he tells him. Scary.

Gantz is now dead. Sniff, I liked him. Although, he didn’t have a choice, it was dying in a duel or getting killed for treason at that point.

Kudelia formerly employed the gang again (now called Tekkedan) so they don’t run out of money. I guess we can now enter the “escort her to Earth” plot instead of being stalled on Mars.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 02

A training episode. Of course, this being Owari No Seraph, it means close to death or demon possession training.

We learned that Yu doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last season finale and that Shiona is keeping the information from him. He also got to learn how to manifest his demon, it is a pretty cool looking ability. The other two boys also learned to manifest their ability. Although, Yoichi did it all by himself.

One the vampire side, it appears that Krul Tepes didn’t tell everything to the other Vampires. She was responsible for getting rid of the Owari no Seraph, but she clearly didn’t. Looks like both sides have their own internal politics messing things up.

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