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This weekend, we didn’t watch Saturday Night Live because seriously, fuck that guy.

In case you needed to know why you should care about Donald Trump hosting SNL, here you go.

The Supreme Court is investigating racial bias in a 1987 case tried by an all white jury. Jury selection bias seems heavily weighted against people of color.

Daniel Holtzclaw is on trial for the sexual assault of black women in the Oklahoma City area, and people are still villainizing and ignoring the victims.

Over on Medium, a piece on teenage experiences with police brutality.

Quentin Tarantino joins the voices condemning police brutality, which is encouraging for people of color, but also distracts from the issues.

Police officers around the nation now claim to be afraid of doing their jobs because of potential charges of police brutality. Trevor Noah takes this on in a recent Daily Show segment.

Overall, black youth is experiencing a complicated relationship with the police.

President Obama is making some major steps in criminal justice reform, including the elimination of hiring bias.

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson lied about his West Point scholarship offer.

University of Missouri football players are boycotting in protest of the school president’s response to racism.

Berkeley High students staged a walkout after racist messages were posted to the school library site.

As drug abuse is once again becoming an issue in predominantly white communities, there is a call for a “gentler” war on drugs focusing on decriminalization and rehabilitation.

A Native leader was condemned for wearing blackface for a Halloween costume. Dear fellow non-black people of color, this is not solidarity.

Black Lives Matter activists supporting a Palestinian woman as she faces deportation, is solidarity.

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks racism, sexism and reparations with Feministing.

A new BET documentary talks about being gay in the black church.

Thought that sports teams were the only place where racist slurs lived on? A new study shows that locations throughout the U.S. have names with racist roots.

Speaking of which, there was a huge information dump online this past week detailing alleged Ku Klux Klan members.

News for Serial fans: a judge has granted a motion to re-open Adnan’s case.

Malala Yousafzai says she’s a feminist because of Emma Watson, or at least that’s how the media is spinning it. Malala actually expressed her reluctance to identify with the word in the same way that many women of color and non-Western women do.

A Yale Frat had a “white-girls only” party, because of course they did.

In light of the diversity conversations on Project Greenlight, Franchesca Ramsey talks Whitesplaining on MTV’s Decoded:

Shout out to our friends over at Racialicious who have been working on a web series documentary on Girl Gamers.

Here’s a list of 5 webseries starring women of color.

In case you wanted to know why the new Fantastic Beasts movie is super white, it’s because it’s historical segregation of cities, just like how Harlem in the 1920s was super white. Wait. (P.S. if you have a magic-based fantasy movie, and you’re maintaining historical accuracy when it comes to race and representation, you are seriously misguided).

If you ever wanted to know how Franklin, the black Peanuts character was born, head over to NPR.

Serena Williams: actual superhero.

Jermaine Dupri & Queen Latifah are producing a Lifetime series to search for the next hip hop star.

J.Lo is in a new cop drama called Shades of Blue, which feels questionable in a time of heightened awareness of police brutality. Watch the preview below:

Riz Ahmed has been cast in the next Bourne movie, and talks about race, diversity and culture in a new interview.

Shonda Rhimes is set to receive the Norman Lear award from the Producers’ Guild.

Spike Lee released the trailer for his new movie Chiraq and people already have a lot of opinions.

Lin Manuel Miranda appeared on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote Hamilton and was the cutest.

Lin-Manuel Miranda of "Hamilton" during an interview with Jimmy Fallon

Tidal will soon be creating and streaming new drama and comedy series.

Lianne La Havas released her new video for “Green & Gold.”

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are going on tour.

Santigold is back y’all!!!

That’s all for this week. Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating the festival of lights!

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I DVR’d the SNL with Trump (to see Sia perform) and, while I skipped over the Trump skits, Weekend Update was hysterical. Not only did the WU anchors make Trump the butt of a few jokes, but they had guest “drunk uncle” on to talk about why he loves Trump. As drunk uncle is an unlikable character, it was basically 3 minutes ripping on Trump and the people who like him. I thought it was a great.
However, I still agree that Lorne is the worst….

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