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This Weekend Open Thread is Stoked

Spoiler alert for the Project Runway finale!

Ashley won! It’s pretty major to have a plus size designer win a major fashion competition. I hope I can buy some of her clothes before too long, because I have loved almost everything she’s made this season.

(As I’m writing this I haven’t even seen the episode, but I saw on Twitter that she won. No, I’m not going to get upset about spoilers. It’s just a fact of life that people will talk about it, and that’s something I have to live with since I can’t afford a TV or cable. It’s really not a big deal.)

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That is awesome!

Well, my weekend is looking … damp. Ah, autumn is here, for sure. I’m planning to continue The Great Clear Out but oh my goodness, it is HARD! I want the space but saying goodbye to some things is hard, which seems like a totally stupid thing to say. I plan to take on the weekend armed with hot chocolate, which frankly, I do most weekends…

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