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Fafner Exodus continues to be the most awesome show I’m watching. Unlike the others, it follows its plot without one moment to catch your breath. K: Return of Kings seems more about fanservice than plot. Mobile Suit Gundam don’t seem to know if it should be serious or not, while Heavy Object and Owari no Seraph clearly don’t care about being serious.

Fafner Exodus ep 17

Canon continues fighting for the future, which leads to quite a few new hopes and strange hints, too.

First, Rina, while in her long sleep, starts to talk about Hiroto coming home and having to culture the dead. This leads to her grand-mother realizing that the crystals are growing each time someone from the island or a Festum died. That is also how they realize Hiroto is dead.

Second, Canon sees a new mecha and writes a paper on it. We could call this her legacy. At the end of the episode, all that was left was 21 grams. She disappeared at the end of the episode after refusing a future where only she and Kazuki live, that almost sounds like the Devil tempting someone to me. We can say she died, but I have another theory: she moved her body to the future.

21 grams
21 grams, the weight of the immortal soul

Third, the Chizuru and Keiji found a drug to slow down the new assimilation effects. This is apparently a direct result Canon fighting the future, along with the new mech.

Now for the theories. I get the impression that the assimilation effects are actually the different characters being all linked to a place in the future. Rina sees things in her sleep. Leo has more holes, because he is moving part of himself there. Mimika is growing new weird parts, but they are from the future, too. December 17th is going to be crazy.

There is also another strange comment in this episode. Rina’s grandmother called the Guardian crystal in the island their Horizon and that the island will always remember them. That sounds strangely like how Maya is described a few times through both series.

Heavy Object ep 04

Qwenthur and Havia got their new assignment: stopping a floating Object called tri-core (because it has 3 cores the size of Baby Magnum) from stealing oil and destroying old rigs.

Of course, their isn’t much they can do without a speed boat or weapons that can actually damage an Object. They did succeed in getting on it though, but their new explosives didn’t do much to it.

There was much screaming in this episode. Also a lot of “I’m screwed,” yet both were still alive and unarmed at the end.

K: Return of Kings ep 04

Kuroh is too manly, he doesn’t want to hug Shiro and tell him how much he missed him. Neko didn’t have that problem.

I’m wondering how wise it was to hold a meeting between the Blue, Red, and Silver clans in Shiro’s school dormitory bedroom. Nine people in such a tiny room. Still the three clans allied themselves against the Green. I wonder where this is going.

Looks like the Gold King rebuilt Shiro’s building and gave the lease to Shiro. I guess the school is really his “base” now. Speaking of the Gold King, the old man is dead. Shiro is sad about it, they knew each other for so long.

This episode had an abnormal number of puns, jokes, and pointless comic relief.

Stupid robots
This episode was full of these robots doing stupid crap

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 04

I’m starting to think this is a show about adults being evil and teenagers being good. Even Kudelia’s sponsor sounds fishy at this point.

Tekkedan is planning its trip to Earth, but everything points to them getting betrayed sooner or later by one of the adults that stayed behind.

One the Gjallarhorn side, it appears that the inspectors aren’t really on the “evil side.” McGillis appears to be nice even. Poor guy though, he is fiancé to a nine-year-old. So far, I’m not sure what is going to be their role in all of this.

Next episode we move to space, that was somewhat faster than I expected.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 03

I’m really starting to think that the humans are the bad guys in this series, but I’m not too sure what to make of the Vampires. Sure, they are using humans as livestock, but they aren’t the ones turning people into demons to create weapons.

Indeed, the demon series made by the Japanese army are using vampires turned into demons. Seems like the process is either making them starve to death or using some devices to force them to “convert.”

As for the plot, everyone is moving to Nagoya for a big battle after Shinoa’s team decided to stick with Guren. It will probably fill the rest of the season depending on the amount of “filler.”

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