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Thing are getting exciting, well at least in Fafner Exodus and Iron-Blooded Orphans. Owari no Seraph, Heavy Object and K: Return of Kings are more traditional show that still don’t seem to know where they are going.

Fafner Exodus ep 18

This show keeps on getting better, if that’s even possible.

The islander realized Canon disappeared and found her new mech idea. The mech is directly connected to the Gordian Crystal via crossing; it basically allows people to fight forever and even use the “power of the dead” (information) as power. It is Canon’s hope for the future. Unfortunately, the island finds itself in a trap real soon. Walker trapped it into the mouth of a 60 kilometers long Leviathan Festum (as big as the island really) and started pouring tiny festum to block the sun from the island. The future looks dire here.

On the exodus side of things, they cross the wall and find themselves into Festum’s land. There is a forest with animals there, but they are non-hostile. Even the “local Mir” helped them after Emery and Miwa asked for help by producing core. It was a pretty place. Unfortunately, the peace and quiet didn’t last; 3 NUNs soldiers infiltrated the camp to kill Shouki and Kazuki. One was stoned by mobs and one was captured but he poisoned himself, though the last one made it to Shouji and Kazuki because Akira is an idiot. It’s not bad, Maya killed him. She has crazy reaction time.

Talking about Maya, she had an exchange with Ayy over destroying the bombing ship. Another person telling her that she will take the burden the next time. Maya doesn’t want that; when are people going to understand? I’m now really intrigued where this is going though.

Heavy Object ep 05

Qwenthur is pretty brilliant, but also sometimes quite stupid. Dude you are in the middle of the sea, keep you underwater mask on…

As the last episode showed, the guys failed to sink the Objects so the Princess has to come in and finish it. Unfortunately that doesn’t go so well. She gets her main guns disabled, so Qwenthur decide to go save her.

He threw himself in the sea before thinking of a plan; once he realizes that the Object is stuck turning in a single sense he realizes that the minefield net is impacting its movement. So he decided to use the Object’s speed against it by removing some of the net. That causes high-pressure on the Three-Core deck and causes it to break in pieces and sink.

Baby Magnum saving Qwenthur
Saved by the gun.

I’m kinda sad for that poor pilot that will now be trapped forever underwater.

K: Return of Kings ep 05

This episode was boring. Most of it is the Scepter Four and Homra cleaning up the Jungle lowbies in quick scenes or Shiro thinking about his old friend the Gold King.

The last few minutes were better, with the Green King making a proposal to the Silver King. He refused, of course.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 05

Space Mecha Porn!

Like expected, Todos tell Orcus about the package Tekkadan wishes to bring to Earth, and Orcus sells out to the bad guys (aka Coral). Following that Coral decides to take the girl alive, but tells McGillis so he can join.

Of course Orga knew it was bound to happen. That’s why in the last episode a few guys were sent to take the Tekkadan’s ship and bring it to space. Mika gave a good between to Coral’s troop, including killing him from the look of it. He also fought the nobles and it didn’t take long to realize he met them earlier.

Asteroid catapult plan
Science! I love science in my Mecha.

The ending was even cooler though. Orga had Todo delivered to McGillis saying, “We think he is one of yours, so deal with him.” McGillis laughed it up. I kinda like him.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 04

Going by Guren’s team reaction to you should wear a swimsuit, I get the feeling he has a harem. Yes, this episode started on the comedic side of things despite being about setting up Nagoya’s battle.

It’s super simple to know who are the important characters in this show: if it doesn’t look bland then it has a personality. Beside Guren’s and Shinoa’s team, seems like Yu is going to interact with another group of Vampire killers.

In fact, because they are incompetent, Guren assigns the new team of “not-blend” to train Shinoa’s team… on the battlefield.

There is a very strange ratio of kids everywhere in the “wilderness”. Where are their parents? Some of them must be under 5 years old, really.

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