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Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is often a time when you try desperately to get something affordable to make your friend or family member not hate you for forgetting to buy something until last minute and when you present them with something that was guaranteed two-day shipping on Amazon Prime. But it doesn’t have to be that way (and no the answer isn’t just buy everyone the Hamilton soundtrack).

This year you still have time to be more conscious of your holiday spending. You can even buy from small-businesses and support minority business owners. Etsy fans, you can find Etsy stores owned by people of color via their Community Team pages, like the ones below. Community Team pages function like message boards for store owners, but also are a great narrowing search tool for those of use who strive to make sure that our gifts are not culturally appropriative. Here are just a few of the teams you can choose from:

Thanks to consciousness raising all over the internet, the interest in supporting minority-owned businesses are growing. Here are some list posts or websites that highlight PoC-owned and/or women-owned stores and products.

36 Black-Owned Etsy Stores For Black Friday | HuffPost

Etsy masterpost from HuffPost that is a few years old.

Support Black Owned! | Tumblr

A Tumblr masterpost of black-owned stores.

Official Black Wall Street

A website that features over 1000 black-owned businesses searchable by business type.

Black Owned Business

A tumblr you can follow year round highlighting black-owned businesses and Etsy stores.

Beyond Buckskin

Native-owned collective boutique, highlighting a rotating roster of designers and creators. A list of artists and business they support can be found here

The Mary Sue: Books, Comics, Apparel & Stuff

Their annual 4-part guide to all things geek featuring geek media with prominent women and women of color.

Are you an Etsy store-owner? Do you shop extensively on Etsy like I did this year? Share your favorite stores below!

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