News in Asia

There’s more bad news than good news this week, unfortunately.

Everyone is talking about the climate change accord that was reached in Paris this weekend. Countries like India and China, who in the past have been exempted from such deals citing economic issues, also signed agreed to shoulder the responsibility equally with other nations. Right now, China is dealing with its first ever red alert over air quality.

Starting January 1, urban migrants will be entitled to public services, though day laborers are exempt from the changes.

Well this is hopeful news: Pakistan may be winning the war on terror.

A US citizen sentenced to 35 years for helping to plan the 2008 attacks inĀ Mumbai is due to be pardoned in exchange for his testimony.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claims that his country has developed a hydrogen bomb, though experts say he’s most likely bluffing.

The all-girl bandĀ Moranbong, formed by Kim Jong Un, cancelled a highly anticipated performance in Beijing this week.

India and Pakistan are resuming peace talks for the first time since 2012.

23 people were killed in an attack at a market in northwest Pakistan.

Doctors Without Borders has delivered a petition to the White House demanding an independent review of the bombing of one of its hospitals in Afghanistan.

Trigger warning for rape and abuse: As China observes the anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre, here’s a story about how one woman’s ordeal as a sex slave at the hands of the Japanese army.

The Philippines is preparing for Typhoon Melor, which is due to hit areas still recovering from being hit by Typhoon Haiyan two years ago.

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