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We will have quick links today. I hope this holiday week is good if you celebrate; if you don’t, may the Force be with you*.

Protests against South Korean president Park Geun-hye continue.

Hundreds also gathered in New Delhi to protest the release of one of the men convicted of the gang rape of a young woman on a bus three years ago.

Factory workers in Cambodia want H&M to back up it’s fair living wage claims.

Beijing issued its second red alert in regards to pollution.

The Indian Supreme Court placed new restrictions on polluting vehicles.

In the meantime, Japan’s Supreme Court upheld a 19th century law that says married couples must have the same surname.

Two dozen people are missing after massive landslides in China.

It’s estimated that 20% of the land in Afghanistan is still covered in landmines.

If you live in China, you can thank the Chinese government for delaying the release of The Force Awakens until January 9.

*My non-spoiler review is that it was awesome! Here are photos of Star Wars fans all over the world celebrating the release of the latest film.

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