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There’s a lot to catch up on, from the ongoing #blacklivesmatters protests to The Wiz Live. Let’s get to it.

National News

This past week saw the 60th Anniversary of the Bus Boycott in Montgomery.

The shootings in San Bernadino raised new questions about terrorism and media but people mostly focused on the frustration with the lack of effective gun control in this country. People were quick to point out the hypocrisy of conservatives praying for the victims and taking donations from the NRA. The messy news coverage also inspired some great memes.  For more news on San Bernadino & Paris, check out Friday’s News Bites.

George Takei educated the idiots who claimed that Japanese internment was a great idea for national security.

Here’s a quick reminder about our selective immigration history.

All the race-based violence in this country points to one major issue in America: the fear of calling and addressing these acts as terrorist acts when the perpetrator is a white man.

Professors of color often carry additional burdens besides academic work, such as the emotional work of mentoring underrepresented youth.

Writer Marlon James says that writers of color often have to pander to white women.

Ahmed Mohamed’s family seeks $15 million settlement for his unjust arrest.

Feministing looks at the Native women leading the ongoing fight for climate justice.

Fellow Millennials of color, there are reasons why we’re struggling more than our white counterparts (hint: it has everything to do with our ties to our families).

Are you a WoC entrepreneur trying to make it in this overwhelming business landscape? Here are 5 tips for success.


Portraits of black Harvard law professors were vandalized as campus racism continues to be a contentious issue in all colleges and universities.

#JusticeforJamar and #BlackLivesMatter protests gained national attention as yet another young black man was killed by police, this time in Minneapolis. Protestors were shot during the Minneapolis protests, because this is the state of the union.

Following the shooting death of Laquan McDonald and the police cover up, Chicago protestors managed to mobilize and block shoppers in the high-end retail district.

Donald Trump supporters attacked a #BlackLivesMatter protestor, which he of course approves of.

This is why safe spaces on college campuses, around the country and online are a necessities for people of color, primarily for black people.

Feministing makes the connection between the shooting at Planned Parenthood and the lack of quality reproductive healthcare for many women of color (primarily black women).

Where is the outrage and media coverage about the violence committed against black women?

The Aerogram looks at PoC solidarity and how South Asian communities can help #BlackLivesMatter beginning at home.

International News

10,000 Afro-Brazilian women marched against anti-black racism.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, conversations about media and race were lacking.

Yaslin Bey has new music inspired by the attacks on Paris, called “NO Colonial Fiction.”

Director Guillermo Del Toro also wrote a touching piece about grief and tragedy following the events in Paris.


Did you catch The Wiz Live? The live performance reminded us of the talents of every performer, and outdid all expectations both critically and commercially.

Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq was in the news a lot this week, from his protest-movie premiere, and from critics who called out Lee’s minimizing the efforts of Chicago’s community organizers and ignoring black women in general.

How to engage women in comics? Meet Marvel’s Sana Amanat.

So, the Civil War trailer was released and gave us our first glimpses of Black Panther, some of which were not so greatCreed director Ryan Coogler is also back in the mix to direct the Black Panther solo movie.

The new trailer for Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson looks wild, and I’m not just talking about John Travolta’s face.

Scandal dealt with abortion in a recent episode and viewers’ reactions were mixed.

Viola Davis is on the cover of InStyle’s January issues and is stunning as always.

Amber Rose’s feminist awakening continues, as she poses as iconic feminists throughout time in a new photoshoot for Paper Magazine.

Dave Chappelle found a way to stop people from using phones at his shows.

Guys, we should really give the cast of Fresh off the Boat a Golden Globe nomination.

After internal pressure from writers, The Daily Show quickly replaced their scheduled Chris Brown interview with Nick Cannon.

Robyn teamed up with Maluca to give us “Love is Free.”

Nicki Minaj’s brother was charged with raping a child this past weekend, because everything is actually the worst.

To continue her desperate appeal to youth, Hillary Clinton wrote a tribute to Missy Elliot, Demi Lovato, and others for Billboard.

Speaking of women worthy of tribute, here’s Jill Scott’s new video for “Back Together.”

Even America’s weatherman Al Roker can’t catch a cab in NYC.

There’s a new HBO special featuring J.Cole’s return home in “Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming”

Telltale’s The Walking Dead games just added Samira Wiley as the voice of Michonne.

We end on two great videos. Here’s Southern University’s marching band & Dancing Dolls performing Adele’s “Hello.”

Lastly, here’s Boys II Men Fall Out Boyz II Men playing “Motownphilly.”

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It’s very telling how #BlackLivesMatter and everything involved has been pushed to the sidelines (both in media and people’s minds). My first thought shouldn’t have been ‘Oh yeah, that’s still going on as well’ while people are still fighting and hurting for telling it.

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