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This week we’re counting down the minutes until Star Wars and enjoying everything John Boyega is doing. In news, we have big updates about Daniel Holtzclaw, affirmative action, and a movie that surprised us with a trailer release last night.

National News

Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of 18 charges of rape and assault (out of a possible 36). May the black women who were victimized by this monster start to find peace and begin to heal.

The Justice Department will be investigating the Chicago PD after Laquan McDonald’s death.

Two Fox talking heads were suspended after profane insults were aimed at the President.

Surprise, people of color often need more than one job to survive.

Latin-American history and the history of advertising are converging at the Smithsonian as they strive to fill gaps in their collection.

Are you a PoC who often has weirdly racist encounters while travelling? You are not alone.

Hey, people are super racist and anti-black on Airbnb.

8 Citadel cadets were suspended after caroling in white hoods reminiscent of the KKK.

Medium looks how lives are valued in the media and international news and why some stories “matter” more.

Where do we even start with the affirmative action case being reviewed by the Supreme Court? Justice Scalia stated that black students do better in “slower-track” schools. Abigail Fisher’s arguments completely distort and misrepresent the actual history of affirmative action in this country.  I’ll let The Nightly Show   and #StayMadAbby sum up everything else.

SNL’s Jay Pharoah and First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up to tell everyone to go to college. The internet also posted some hypothetical #FlotusBars.

After being targeted in a racist meme, the hashtag #BeLikeDarsh celebrates the successes of the first Sikh basketball player in the NCAA.

Donald Trump wants to seal our borders to Muslim immigrants and refugees. Twitter reacted accordingly. What else do you expect from White ISIS and his white, working poor voter base?

Just in case you needed additional reminders that Islamophobia was very real (like this video below).


The Directors Guild released data on their directors, and unsurprisingly, women and minorities are woefully underrepresented.

At least J.J. Abrams gave Ava DuVernay a shout out as a woman director he’d like to at the helm of a Star Wars movie.

Speaking of Ava DuVernay, did you hear that her Barbie sold out in 17 minutes? #RepresentationMatters.

Are you still grumpy about the whitewashed Gods of Egypt cast? So is star Chadwick Boseman.

Idris Elba may be joining the cast of Dark Tower and people have feelings about racebending.

Marvel’s Iron Fist should be Asian, but probably won’t because of all the previous news stories.

Hari Kondabolu is introducing Islamophobia to One Direction fans, while Zayn Malik is slowly changing the popular face of Islam.

Mo’nique is starting a podcast to discuss her open marriage.

Queen Latifah is joining Lee Daniels’ new series about an all-female singing group from Atlanta.

Here’s the new Independence Day: Resurgence trailer that dropped late last night. Everyone is back except Will Smith.

Regardless of involvement in sequels we’re not sure we want, the Smith family has been busy. Will Smith announced a world tour, and Willow Smith dropped a surprise album.

Also releasing surprise music on the internet: Prince.

Kendrick Lamar has 11 Grammy nominations. Congrats!

Akon is trying to bring solar power to all of Africa and is succeeding so far.

Kelly Rowland is using her Destiny’s Child background to help bring another girl group into the world with BET.

Beyoncé may be joining Bradley Cooper in a remake of A Star is Born, which no one asked for.

Ciara presented Missy Elliot with the Innovator Award at the Billboard Women in Music Award shows.

Finally, did you catch Jeopardy! this past week? If not, you missed the Hamilton cast performing questions for the show.

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