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The ‘End of Year List’ List

Love them or hate them, end-of-the-year roundups are now just an essential part of December. Everything that we can rank the best of, will be ranked and then vehemently disagreed with in the comment sections.

Want to know the best trailers of the year? Amateur hour. Why don’t we have the best TV spots. Best memes? Of course we’ll remember you, left shark. Let’s just get really niche with it. “Best Twitter responses to this best of music list.” “Best Vines inspired by a leaked Game of Thrones spoiler that was later proven false.” Best list of lists.

Here are some random end of the year lists to help you remember 2015, just in case you needed to check if every website on the internet has ranked their favorite movies/TV shows of the year. (Hint, they have.)

  1. The Best Comics of 2015 | Salon
  2. Best Books of 2015 | Goodreads
  3. The Best Books You Didn’t Read In 2015 | The Toast
  4. The 15 Best Nonfiction Books of 2015 | Flavorwire
  5. Best Films Books of 2015 | Huffington Post
  6. The 2015 International Best-Dressed List | Vanity Fair
  7. 15 Gloriously Ugly Pop Culture Holiday Sweaters, Ranked | Flavorwire
  8. The Year of Celebrity Breakups | TV Guide
  9. 33 Times Celebrities Stood Up For Feminism In 2015 | Buzzfeed
  10. 10 Best Podcasts & 10 Best Podcast Episodes | Vulture
  11. 10 Best (And 5 Worst!) TV Shows of 2015: Jeff Jensen’s picks| Entertainment Weekly
  12. The Top 20 TV Shows of 2015 | Variety
  13. 25 Best TV Shows of 2015 | Rolling Stone
  14. The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015 | Vulture
  15. 6 New TV Shows That Will Still Be On The Air In 5 Years | Cinema Blend
  16. The 20 Best Returning Shows of 2015 | Variety
  17. The 50 Best Movie Posters of 2015 | Flavorwire
  18. The 10 Best Pajama-Pants Comfort Movies of 2015 | Pajiba
  19. The Best Horror Movies of 2015 | Film School Rejects
  20. The 10 Best Musical Moments in Film of 2015 | Paste Magazine
  21. Favorite Shows Currently Streaming on Netflix | Digital Trends
  22. 36 Times TV Blessed Us With Man Candy In 2015 | Buzzfeed
  23. The Top 10 Music Videos of 2015, According to YouTube | Wall Street Journal
  24. Best Hip Hop Singles of 2015 | The Root
  25. Great Performers Above It All | New York Times

Too lazy to read a listicle? Good news, just watch a year in review video for 15 until your brain explodes from all the short term nostalgia.

Share your favorite articles of the year in review or help me eagerly anticipate another Big Fat Quiz by revisiting last year’s.


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