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At this point I can safely say that Fafner Exodus is my anime of the year. Even if the last four episodes are trash. I also really like the new Gundam so far. Heavy Object and Owari no Seraph are getting better as well. K: Return of Kings is stale though, but I’m over half-way through it so no point in dropping it.

Fafner Exodus ep 21

NUNs are bunch of assholes. The Exodus group is almost at the D-Island but they get ambushed by two Azazel-type (one is new and can freeze stuff) and NUNs. That’s after like 50 days of traveling; this episode mostly showed time going by. They are on November 11th now (we need to go all the way to December 17th, the date Canon wasn’t able to see in her future visions).

Seems like NUNs have another Salvator in their pocket, using Mark Funf’s core, but they need a D-Island pilot to pilot it because it eats everyone who tries to do so (sounds familiar; it’s basically a new Nitch). They tried to put their hands on Maya but Walter saved the day… or did he? They are trapped underwater and outnumbered like 5-to-1 against Maya. Akira also tried to go save his sempai but he got assimilation effects, just like everyone else… but Maya. Speaking of Maya, she didn’t forget Shoko’s birthday, but forgot her own. Hmm. There was also a funny scene between Shoushi and Akira that shows that Akira knows Shoushi has a thing for Maya and he doesn’t plan to let Kazuki win. lol.

The episode ended with Misao showing up. Some NUNs are going to get their asses kicked next episode via OP red Festums. The island isn’t that far away either. Also, way too much happening in here, Jonathan is being assimilated by the George type and he shoots Ai, who was trying to help him.

Next episode should be pretty awesome with everyone packed together.

Heavy Object ep 08

Another good episode. Qwenthur and Havia find the 0.5 Gen exactly where they expected and it decides to do a “stretching of its legs” outside while also trying to kill them because the Chancellor told the pilot where they were.

However, the maintenance crew of the 0.5 Gen wasn’t too bright. They tried to boost its generator with generators, but they got fried in the process, forcing the Object to leave with a big cable attached to the plug. That’s the weakness Qwenthur used to fry it.

0.5 Gen Heavy Object
0.5 Gen has good old-fashioned heat vents. This is so low tech…

At the end, Baby Magnum took down the other object serving the Chancellor and he was supposedly arrested. He did say some interesting things though, because Qwenthur succeeded in taking down Objects, other people are starting to think that they can do the same. Although, in the end he was probably just scared for his business of making Objects and Elites.

K: Return of Kings ep 08

That didn’t go too well, mostly because Anna and Shiro were doing literally nothing in the fight. Shiro protected Anna a few times, but it’s not like she needed it.

Reisi got his ass handed to him by Iwafune, the ex-Grey King and leader of CATHEDRAL. He was the one who tried to stop the incident 14 years ago and totally failed. He found Nagare that day, who looked dead really, and decided to become his surrogate father. Then he decided to support him in turning everyone into super-powered people who should at least be able to defend themselves in another Damoclès down. Yeah, right…

Fushimi got all pissed that Reisi lost and so he said all sort of bad things and Reisi accused him of being a traitor, at which point he left SCEPTER 4… and it appears that he decided to join JUNGLE. That should be amusing, because now not only Yata is going to hate his ass.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 08

An episode about family. Sorta.

First, Naze’s ship is crewed only with women. It is his harem, actually; all of them are his wives/girlfriends. He even has five toddlers from different mothers aboard. The rest of his kids are at school elsewhere.

Orga won his bet, though, he will be introduced to the boss of Teiwaz… who happens to be Naze’s father. I’m going to bet he got a harem too and Naze has lots and lots of siblings. Orga did also act a bit like a kid and came to the realization that Tekkedan was his family.

I still don’t trust Kudelia’s lady who is working on the comms. I’m also wary of the “property” thing about her. We also got a bit more info dump and why those people are against Kudelia makes a lot more sense.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 07

Crowley sure is quite strong, Yoichi’s weapon didn’t even scratch him; he caught it with his hand and wondered what the hell it was. Yoichi also recognized him from before and so did Yu. He also appear to be working for everyone’s favorite noble: Ferid.

Guren doesn’t really have a plan, Yu wants to save the hostage, but he is a real dummy so he has no idea how to do it. Everyone else thinks they should kill the hostages so they aren’t tortured instead…

Crowley and his wives
Crowley and his wives… well, I think these are his wives.

Crowley is a rather interesting enemy though; he is so cheery about everything… he is also just toying with Guren and Shinya.

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