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A few more weeks left in the fall season. Fafner is riding toward a grand finale, Owari No Seraph seems to focus on its plot more, Mobile Suit Gundam had some family themed episodes, and Heavy Object has the guys doing a mission in a cold place again.

Fafner Exodus ep 22

Where to start, these episodes are getting more and more packed with information.

Misao and his Eurus types showed up right on time, so does the Island Fafners to save whatever they could save. 5001 civilians and about 20 Perseus Company members (a single Fafner: Narain). Billy, Jonathan and Maya were taken by the NUNs. No information about Ai though. Sien was turned into a ball of rock when it tried to destroy Roadrunner’s core (I’m pretty sure the other Azazel left it to get destroyed).

Soushi was the only islander returning still thinking so he was our reaction guy to: Kenji and Sakura getting married and Canon being missing. Akira and Kazuki were comatose from assimilation effects you see. He also had some interesting conversation with Orihime. I’m really starting to think that all the dead islander will return, like Festum return from nothingness over and over again. I pegged that as Maya’s SDP actually.

Maya is angry
Angry Maya is best looking Maya.

Speaking of Maya, she was taken to the NUNs’ capital. Hester Gallop, the boss of the NUNs, really wanted to meet Bartland’s daughter and she expected her to be that calm too (sound ominous, Bartland probably experienced on Maya). She also wants to teach all sort of the things to Maya and wants her to test pilot a new Salvator’s model. Then we had a bit of exposition. In the first season, they mentioned there was 3 Alvis, one was encountered and its core became Idun and then merged with Nitch. The NUNs raided the other one and stole its core. Bartland than worked in creating copies of the core to use as puppets. One of these puppets is Jonathan.

Of course, like everything else he did, their loyalty can be disputed. Also, seems like Hester wants Maya to continue her father’s work. Poor Maya.

Also, Miwa promised that Misao could assimilate her in exchange for his help… but the condition is that world needs to be at peace. She’s crafty for a five year old.

Heavy Object ep 09

The biggest news of this week episode is that Havia has a fiancé from another noble family. His family and hers apparently hates each other too.

Ok, the two got sent to Antarctica, trying to find some SAMs used by terrorists but instead they found some automated Object spare canons and a robot trying to act a satellite to fry a vacation resort situated on the Moon. That was almost as weird as how all the different countries are named in this setting.

There were many explosions, some nice thinking from Qwenthur, and lots of fanservice too.

K: Return of Kings ep 09

Fushimi is such a cheater. lol. He freed one of the JUNGLE members who isn’t interested in becoming J-rank to get twice the points in a month to reach J-rank and get admitted to the super secret hideout.

HOMRA and Seri found out he joined JUNGLE the hard way too and then Yata was real pissed. On their side, the Silver clan are trying to find a way to stop the Green King and the Slates, but it’s all theories right now. That means some people are getting powers at the worst time possible…

JUNGLE secret hideout
JUNGLE secret hideout…

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 09

This was basically a slice-of-life episode with a lot of “people will die in the future” undertones.

Orga and his family (that’s official now) had a little downtime on the huge Saisei spaceship. It’s basically a space-station. Orga bought snacks and food for the youngest, while the older guys went to party to a restaurant. Orga drank too much… he got sick, lol. Eugene and another guy went to a brothel too.

The boss of Teiwaz decided to repair the Barbatos on his dime, seems like he likes Mika. Tekkedan became blood brothers of the Turbines as well. It’s all a huge family now. lol.

I’m still wondering what is happening with Fumitan. I mean, she looks distraught about Kudelia having so much faith in her. Remorse maybe?

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 08

Yu really can’t learn, can he? He’s just an idiot who will get himself and everyone he loves killed one day. Here he refused to leave Guren behind despite him telling him to do so. He basically had to be restrained by his own team.

Goshi’s illusions are pretty neat though. Crowley wasn’t really phased, but they did the job… well, until the rest of the team proved to be useless against Crowley at least. It did trap the other two vampires though.

The Hiiragi is full of nut-jobs. I can see why Shinoa tries to stay away from them… but then Yu isn’t much better, he took two more special pills. Seems like he killed himself with his “I’m going to save my family” ideal. He’s probably not dead.

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