Weekly Anime Review

No Heavy Object this week. But there was more awesome Fafner and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans this week to compensate and the Gundam did really have a fight in it. Owari no Seraph was its usual “Yu is stupid” episode; those are getting old but I doubt it’s going to change.

Fafner Exodus ep 23

Man this was good. Pissed off Maya is just so awesome… and Dustin is finally dead, dead, dead. Billy is not too happy about it I guess, but still. Hiroto is avenged. Only Keith is left of that group of people… and she was clearly left alive to become crazy with hatred.

Vagrant took over the Mark Raison, Jonathan and all the other puppets around. Another plan from Hester that backfired, badly… or did it? She didn’t seem surprised that much and she really seems to like Maya. I mean, she has ROA alpha on a whole city just because Maya planned to basically blow both of them up.

Dustin's deadth
Most satisfying part of this episode. Dustin’s death.

Looks like 50k people are resistant to assimilation on Earth and Hester’s plan is to kill everyone but them. I wonder if she is part of that number or not.

Heavy Object

No new episode this week.

K: Return of Kings ep 10

Fushimi finds JUNGLE very weird. He really doesn’t care about anything either.

Seri is pissed as well; Reisi was fired by the prime minister and SCEPTER 4 is basically under house arrest. Talk about kicking a dead horse.

Anna wants to destroy the Slates and Reisi is totally against it because he wants to preserve order. Going by how he is basically behaving like a homeless dude now, I don’t think he really has a plan outside of “butting in” at the wrong time.

HOMRA's bar
I love HOMRA’s bar

The Silver Clan now has a name: Hakumaitou (aka white rice party). Never ask Kuro to name your stuff.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 10

Another episode centering on families. Sorta. We learned a bit more about Kudelia, Atra and Akihiro’s past. The Tekkadan also get a Teiwaz’s member aboard their ship to watch over them. It’s a business-like lady from the previous episode. Seems like Orga might have a thing for her, lol.

Kudelia feels like her real family doesn’t trust her. She is also aware that her father tried to kill her. Poor girl, I wonder if she suspects Fumitan isn’t trusty too (she had another of those faces this episode).

Atra was raised in a brothel until she was 10. Everyone bullied her there so she run away. She stumbled on Mikazuki at some point and was hired with the store owner she was/is with at the start of the show.

Akihiro had a little brother. They were living among a trading fleet with their parents when one day pirates attacked and killed all the adults. The kids were sold as “Human debris” and separated. I suspect we will see his little brother at some point.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 09

Yu, Yu, Yu you will never learn will you. His heart exploded, but the Seraph fixed it and Ashamaru was able to heal him and grant him more power… so he barged into Crowley’s place. That wasn’t enough power to really annoy Crowley and he almost turned into a demon. He had to be saved by his team.

Then while Shiona’s team regrouped with everyone else they ran off to the Airport and encountered Mika. Mika isn’t any better than Yu really. He ran into the entire group cutting people left and right to get to Yu and would have failed if it wasn’t for Shiona telling him to run off with his friend. The rest of the Moon Demon company wasn’t too happy.

Then more vampires showed up, a lot more, including lots of high level nobles. They are so screwed.

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