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The fall season is almost done. Just a few episode left for most shows unless they get a full season (Gundam does, yeah!). Fafner Exodus had another great episode, definitively anime of the year for me. Heavy Object added more exposition for the setting. K is getting closer to a conclusion, while Owari no Seraph is getting closer to a confrontation.

Fafner Exodus ep 24

After Vagrant assimilated Walker like he was nothing, he start to attack D island while they are trying to get to Atlantis without any of their Salvator. The end result: They have to use Zero with the Nichio Twins when both are basically at their limits already.

We even see the return of the Diablo types; they can take over an empty Fafner. They took over Drei and its troopers. They also took over Mimika and Kenji. But Kazuki woke up to save everyone, well almost everyone.

Fafner Zero
Fafner Zero preparing its beam spam attack

Akira was fully assimilated by Zero. I admit I cried, more because of the bus scene than because he died though. All his dead friends (Walter, Hiroto, the refugees kids) were on the bus. Rina won’t be happy next episode.

Heavy Object ep 10

The fan service is as annoying as ever and there were a lot of explosions in this episode. We at least learn the name of the group that tried to blow the hotel last episode: Mass Driver Conglomerate. They are known for making the best mass drivers and are on the run from their original country after having attempting a coup d’état.

The most interesting part of this episode though, was that new noble with his Bright Hopper Object. Seems like he just want to trash the kid’s military group because he has the hot for the leader. First he asked Baby Magnum to have a mock battle with him, then he invited himself into the mission. Havia, Qwenthur and the Princess aren’t too happy about it too.

K: Return of Kings ep 11

Everyone in JUNGLE is crazy. Chaos. A paradise of natural selection. Kings fighting Kings. They just want everyone to die or something? Fushimi “sound like shit” was exactly what I was thinking.

It also really look like shit. The high school grounds were basically imploding. Explosions everywhere. The prime minister is running scared and JUNGLE has no interest in helping him…

Go go Seri, you really understand how the system works. Being assigned to residence is limited to members of SPECTER 4… you just have to resign to free yourself of that burden. Although, his replacement didn’t really care about the rules and proceeded to send SCEPTER 4 to JUNGLE headquarters. lol

Fushimi was a double agent! I actually guessed that a long time ago. The guy liked his order and peace a bit too much to join JUNGLE.

The ending was awesome in an “I’m going to kick ass next episode” way. Well, hopefully Munakata does kick ass next episode.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 11

Another good episode. Lots of new information.

First, Akihiro got attacked by pirates last episode and found his brother way sooner than expected. His little brother almost crushed Tataki actually.

Makizuki showed up right on time to save everyone and the new lady on the Isibiri happens to know about being a doctor it appears. So everyone was safe. Seems like Akihiro might get his brother back soon too.

Pirate Crazy dude
This crazy dude has a very good mecha

We also had a bit of Earth-side stuff. Looks like McGillis isn’t too happy about how things are going there and he is looking for a pawn.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 10

The title of this episode: Yu and Mika.

It was all about how stupid Yu can be about his family. He ended up forcing Mika to drink his blood so he could stay alive, which turned him into a vampire. The rest was “listen to me,” “nope” dialogue for a good 15 minutes. It ended with Mika agreeing to help Shinoa’s team. No idea how everyone will like having a “friendly” vampire around.

The end of the episode was rather interesting though. Seems like Kureto’s secret weapon is Shihou’s little sister. That’s not going to go down well…

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