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It’s almost the end of the fall season. Fafner Exodus is setting up a big fight for its finale. Heavy Object will probably just finish its current storyline. K: Return of Kings also has a big fight setup for its ending from the look of it. Owari no Seraph is more setting up the kids to run away from everyone; I’m kinda liking this development. Iron-Blooded Orphans is acting like any show that has more than 12 episodes.

Fafner Exodus ep 25

So much yelling in this episode.

The first part was about Maya and Cie coming back to the island and everyone learning the bad news: Hiroto and Akira are gone. The gen One pilots also got their coming of age ceremony. They are now all adults. Veir and Sieben were also upgraded.

Vagrant and Jonathan decided to attack both the third Alvis and D-Island. That means a coordinated Festum and NUN attack. On top of that, Vagrant is getting in the way of Ashoka contacting Altair, so it needs to be brought down.

That means Rina and Sui in Zero to summon Vagrant down, but he is too strong. That’s when Hester does the only intelligent thing out of two anime seasons and one movie: she shoots Vagrant with nukes to weaken it. She really likes Maya it seems.

Speaking of Maya, her SPD is basically just an upgrade of her normal sniper eye? She can snipe stuff from very far away. She even took some NUN without killing them.

Heavy Object ep 11

The Mass Driver Conglomerate really lived up to their names. They build an Object that can fire missiles that flies at Mach 25. They are thrown via a railgun and accelerate to that speed via rockets. They sure did a number on the Havia and Qwenthur’s side. There was more exposition than normal on how their main gun was working even if we haven’t seen it yet.

The Bright Hopper
The Bright Hopper, I think the term hopper is because of its leg in the back…

Most of the episode though was on Frolytia’s family stuff. Seems like her family is renowned for only producing male heirs. Well almost always male, she’s clearly female. That means lots and lots of noble want to bed her to get little boys. She joined the army and hopes to either die on the battlefield or become an old hag to avoid that faith of male baby making machine.

K: Return of Kings ep 12

More Yata and Fushimi. That was kinda great this time though, seems like Yata isn’t that stupid after all and Fushimi’s not that stuck up about being a traitor.

The Red Clan was travelling in the zeppelin with the Silver Clan to take over the JUNGLE base. They cleaned up the floors until B10 and Yukari. Yata also saved Fushimi from the crazy gaming kid. The Blue clansmen also went to take care of their King, who is close to kicking the bucket. Seri said she was going to kill him if necessary. I wonder if she can.

Next episode, Kuro vs Yukari. Should be interesting… or not. The Grey king went down fast.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 12

Just when you thought that Akihiro got his little brother back, Mashihiro made sure to crush all hope of a reunion. In other word, this is a very sad episode.

Saying that, the Brewers are getting outclassed. Sorta. They killed a few of the Tekkadan who boarded the main ship, but their mechs got trashed.

Most of the episode is mostly fighting in space. Although, the Hammerhead got its name because he loves to hammer spaceship.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 11

Oh all the info dumping in this episode.

Guren has two personalities: the one that cares about his friend and his half-demon Mahuri’s controlled personality who will do anything for his dead lover. We also learned that Mahuri has a deal with Krul Tepes from before the destruction of the world and both Fetid and she have been dealing with Guren over it. Betrayers everywhere!!!

Ferid is the one who leaked the noble’s hideout too. He added Crowley for it to not be too suspicious and because he knew Crowley would enjoy it. Ferid also knows about Guren’s dual personalities… and so does Kureto Hiigari. Speaking of that guy, his second in command is the sister of Mitsuba. And now that they are basically enemies, Kureto took the opportunity to clean up Guren’s supporters. The only people left are his own unit, Shinoa’s unit, Shinya, and Mokoto (his whole unit was wiped out).

What remains of Guren's army
What remains of Guren’s army… the good guys

We also know what Kureto did to Shihou’s sister. Poor girl, her brother is going to get real pissed once he learn. We also seem to have the formation of a 3rd party composed of humans and vampires at the end of this episode.

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