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Happy New Year!

Japan and South Korea reached a deal, after years of protests, to pay reparations to the surviving South Korean women who were sold into slavery during World War II and were commonly known as “comfort women.” The Japanese government plans on paying $8.7 million to a fund for the women who were forced to serve in military brothels on the Japanese front line. The Japanese government also offered a formal apology.

South Korea is also looking to expand relations with Southeast Asia.

One of the top negotiators for North Korea died in a traffic accident this week in suspicious circumstances. This could put negotiations with South Korea on hold.

All eight miners who were trapped for five days in a caved in mine in China have been rescued.

Many are protesting in Myanmar over the conviction of two migrant workers accused of murdering two British tourists in Thailand. The two men claim they were coerced into confessing.

An attack at a government building in the city of Mardan, Pakistan killed 23 people.

A bookseller in Hong Kong who went missing several days ago is thought to be detained in mainland China. Apparently, five employees of a publisher that produces work critical of the Beijing government have gone missing.

The government is placing new restrictions on private cars in an effort to curb the alarming rates of air pollution in New Delhi.

An Indian military base near Pakistan was attacked by gunmen, triggering an ongoing stand-off.

Vietnam is arguing with China over a man-made island in the South China Sea.

Finally, I leave you with this video on how several Asian cities rang in 2016!

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