PoC News in America

White terrorists are still occupying a federal building in Oregon in relative warmth and comfort, while the internet hotly debated if #OscarsSoWhite even had any impact on black and other PoC actor success. All this and more in this week’s roundup!

National News

Colorlines unpacks 4 major policy changes that could impact the racial wealth gap.

Apparently, race isn’t a factor in the Flint water crisis even though half of the population is poor and black.

These #ReclaimRoe tweets prove why Roe v. Wade is just as urgent for people of color.

Internet justice found a new target when a picture of students in Arizona wearing shirts that spelled out the n-word went viral.

Latino voters are the largest non-white group, but remain underrepresented.

The Aerogram details some community activists’ calls to action.


The Root spotlights 17 Unsung Heroes of Black Lives Matter.

The Root also sat down with Russell Neverdon, a former attorney and the current executive director of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Inmate Grievance Office in Baltimore to discuss the impact of the Tamir Rice ruling.

Trial proceedings began last week against Officer Peter Liang for the shooting death of Akai Gurley.

Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for his crimes against black women in the OKC area.

Awards Season

Following their public shaming, The Academy commits to making some changes.

Chris Rock is even rewriting his opening monologue to include the whole #OscarsSoWhite media battle.

Had enough of #OscarsSoWhite? The New Yorker has a piece talking about why the Oscars matter.

The Producers’ Guild Awards also happened this weekend and issues of diversity were a hot topic with nominees and winners.

Celebrity News & Pop Culture

Gael García Bernal considers Sean Penn’s interview with El Chapo to be a failure.

Creed‘s Tessa Thompson is on Broadway with The Hunger Games series’ Mahershala Ali and Pacey Joshua Jackson.

Benedict Wong joins the cast of Doctor Strange, which means he’s the first prominent Asian actor in a movie set in Tibet and one of the few in the Marvel Universe.

Were you hoping for an 80s sex comedy set in Bangalore, India? How about Brahman Naman?

Nate Parker talks to The Hollywood Reporter about his new Nat Parker movie premiering at Sundance.

Regina Hall has joined the cast of Crushed, a new Hulu comedy.

Meagan Good joins the cast of CBS’ Code Black.

Congrats to Zendaya, the newest Covergirl!

As she does in my life, Rosario Dawson will “play an important role” in Luke Cage.

Netflix announced premiere dates for Orange is the New Black, The Get Down, and a new Hannibal Buress comedy special.

Key & Peele released a new trailer for their movie Keanu and if anything happens to that cat I will riot.

Jamie Foxx is a real life hero.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a single called “White Privilege pt. II” which feels really self congratulatory.

Kanye West did released a “Black Skinhead Remix” featuring Miley Cyrus, so that’s a thing.

Mos Def announces his retirement after immigration issues and an arrest in South Africa.

Finally, for those of us on the Eastern Seaboard buried under feel of snow, OhNoTheyDidnt has a list of “50 Books written by Lesbian Writers of Color” if you’re looking for new things to read.

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